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IJMB UNIVERSITIES: List of Universities that Accept IJMB for 200lv Admission

IJMB Universities in Nigeria- Universities that accept IJMB programme as a requirement for admission.

We have been receiving a lot of questions about the list of Nigerian universities that accepts IJMB as a requirement for admission into 200lv without JAMB.
We took our  time making inquiry both online and off-line and finally came up with the list of some major universities.

IJMB results are virtually acceptable to major universities in Nigeria.

NOTE that not all the university accepting IJMB are listed below.





University Of Ilorin (Unilorin), Kwara State, Nigeria
# Accepts (5-9) points for any
science, paramedical,
administrative course
# Requires minimum of 13 pts in
IJMB for Medicine
# 8 points and above for
Engineering courses, A/level
Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry
for Industrial Chemistry
# 7 points and above for Social
Sciences/Administrative Courses
# 5 points and above for Religious
Studies, Languages, and most of
the Courses in Arts Faculty and


Univesity of Agriculture. Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria
# Under special considerations

Bayero university. Kano State, Nigeria
# Requires a minimum of 4pts into
Faculties of Education,
Agriculture, Arts (Languages)
# 6pts into Faculties of
Accounting, Engineering, and
# 6pts minimum for Physiotherapy

Ahmadu Bello university (A.B.U). Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria
# Accepts 10pts and above for
Medicine/Law Engineering/
# Accepts 5pts for all other
# Requires 8pts with A’Level
Government, Economics and B/

University Of Abuja (Uniabuja). Gwagwalada, FCT, Nigeria
# Requires 10pts or above for
direct entry into 200 level only,
any point below this is 100 level to
any wishful course.
# Accepts 10pts for 200L
# Requires 10-16 point in

Federal university of technology (futminna) Minna, Niger State, Nigeria
# Requires minimum of 10pts for
any Engineering course
# Requires 5pts and above for
other and Non-analytical
Para medical courses
# Requires 8pts and above for
Food Science and Technology

University of jos. (Unijos). Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria.
# 8pts and above is required for
any course in college of Medicine,
Law, Political Science, Engineering,
Nursing, Sciences, Medical Lab,
# 5pts is required for all other
course in their various faculties
including school of Agriculture
# 5pts and above for all other
courses in various faculties


Nnamdi Azikiwe University (unizik) Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria
# Requires a minimum of 4pts into
Faculties of Education, Agriculture, Arts
# 6pts into Faculties of Accounting,
Engineering, and Medicine
# 6pts minimum for Physiotherapy

Abia State University. (ABSU) Uturu, Abia State, Nigeria
# Under special considerations



University Of Ibadan, (U.I) Oyo State, Nigeria
# Accepts IJMB into 100 Level only
# Requires 12pts and above for all
courses except Medicine, Law and
other competitive courses
# Ibadan does not accept IJMB as direct
# UME is required for IBADAN ONLY

Ekiti State University. Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria
# Do not accept IJMB as full time
except for Part-time only

Federal University Of Agriculture. Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria
# Accepts IJMB result with automatic
admission into 200 level with a
minimum of 4pts and above for all
courses in any faculty offered


University Of Benin (UNIBEN). Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria
# Requires 12pts for Law, Economics
and other Administrative courses
# 5 points and above for Science and
other Paramedical courses
# 5-9 points Faculty of Education,
Agriculture, Social Sciences, Arts
# 8 points and above for Political
Science, Mass-Comm and other
relatives course
# Benin does not accept IJMB into
Structural Engineering

University Of Calabar (UNICAL), Cross-River State, Nigeria
# Calabar accepts IJMB as Direct Entry
# Calabar does not accept IJMB for
Medicine, Economics, Engineering and

University Of Uyo, Akwa-Ibom State, Nigeria
# Offers Industrial Art and
Anthropology with 8pts and above
Ambrose Ali University (AAU) Ekpoma, Edo State, Nigeria
# Accepts IJMB (check you UME / DE
Brochure for further enquires)
Igbinedion university. Okada, Edo State, Nigeria
# Requires considerable points for her
College of Medicine and other
Analytical Science courses
# 5pts points and above into 200 Level
in Social Science, Arts, Administrative,
and Agricultural courses
# 3-4 pts can be considered for some
minor courses in the school
Delta State University (DELSU) Delta state, Nigeria.
Please, let it be noted that all northern universities and all
private universities across Nigerian states accept IJMB whether it made
the list above or not.

At Ilorin here which is the hub of IJMB
Programme, fees vary as there are different centres.

Fees vary from 160,000 to #188, 000 including form fees and the hostel fees depending on the centre you choose.
We are always here to guide you.

08078187910 OR 08032310760

How To Apply For IJMB Direct Entry Admission Into Nigerian Universities.
To view the full details on how to apply click IJMB Application Form and registration details.



  1. Requirements for IJMB registration.
  2. IJMB subject combination for all IJMB courses
  3. IJMB schedule of payment for candidates that wish to study at IJMB GUIDE recommended study centre

                  1. You can also use the comment section below to make inquiries about the Programme, We will reply as soon as possible.


Helplines: 0807818791 or 08032310760.



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  1. Z t true dat funaab accept 4pt

    1. Yes! It depends on the course.

  2. Can i edit my subjects after registration?

    1. You can always edit your courses when you arrive at the centre. Report to your coordinator when you resume.

  3. Does any institution accept 2points in IJMB?

  4. can i study pharmacy with 7 points at delsu or any institute………pls its urgent

  5. Can i study pharmacy with 7 point at delsu or which other institute.

  6. plx may I know How ijamb questions are set 4 art courses .. is it like waec in Which we gat theory and obj or just like Jamb .??Thanks..

    1. Its theory. Six questions to answer four for arts. We have the past questions and answers available. Follow this link http://www.ijmbguide.com/2015/04/28/complete-ijmb-past-questions-answers/

    2. It is not like waec …. But lt is theory through

  7. I m a direct beneficiary of IJMB, the programme is very good for DE, I did mine in Abubakar Tatari Ali Polytechnic Bauchi in 2003/2004 I worked very hard and score the following scores Economics-B, Sociology-C, Business Management-C. 11points, I got admission in to 200L in the University of Maiduguri in 2005 to study Economics, I graduated in. 2007, it was a very wonderful course…. But u must work hard with extra effort…. The result doesn’t expire like jamb bt u can’t use it for work only for admission…

    1. Thanks for your testimony.

  8. Does Adekunle Ajasin(AAUA) accept IJMB

  9. Does Adekunle Ajasin(AAUA) accept IJMB and with what point?

  10. I want to know if unilag, lautech or OAU accept ijmb to study architecture. Thank you

  11. I did IJMBE in 2011 and it was an 18 month programme…hw come 9months .

  12. Is ATBU accepting IJMB as a DE without UME?

    1. yes atbu accept ijmb as DE

  13. I’m not very sure of what you mean by ATBU

  14. Dose futo accept ijmb?

  15. will bayero university kano take 7point for her physiotherapy course pls I need n ans

  16. Wen Is ijmb endin

    1. 2015/2016 session will end by February

  17. muhammad L bilqees

    can i knw hw the qstins are being set for science std.is it obj and theory.and for accnts also.

    1. Theory questions

  18. Abdussalam salisu tahir

    Yes, i did mine @nuhu bamalli polytechnic zaria where i graduated with 9points. So am nw waiting for 200level admission into A.B.U zaria this session. Though its not an essay program. Proudly microbiologist! Proudly ijimbites!

    1. Gotten admission yet?

    2. Gotten admission yet? Okay

  19. what is the point..needed for nursing. in ilorin and ogun university

  20. I wanna go for unical..went to the site but can’t find anything tangible.. please can u help with information concerning fees and what to do..thanks

    1. Fees about what?

      1. the whole program in unical or uniport..Nd a number I can call to talk to for more information

  21. What of uniosun? How many point is required?

  22. For Port Harcourt study Centre, you will be needing nothing less than 150,000. This covers the tuition, accommodation and application form. You will also so be given an option to pay on installment if you don’t have the complete amount.

  23. or ….did i need connection….cos i am from osun state

  24. Kindly inform of the IJMB cut off point for Pharmacy in Uniilorin.

  25. At least 9 points.

  26. pls is the form for 2016 admission still out.

  27. No. It will be out by November.

  28. When is abu zaria admission list wil be out for d.e student

  29. Pls where are we to obtain the form

    1. Does unilag accept ijmb

  30. You can obtain the form at ijmb guide registration is different states. Please call us via the phone numbers above for possible enquiry

  31. Ijmb direct abeg does futo accept ijmb…answer oooo abeg…

  32. if i obtain the form before Nov wen will I do f exam n hope I will mit up wit the lectures they HV receive

  33. pls after the 9months programm is it direct admission ,or we writing another exam for the entrance exam to the university of our choice?set by the unversity

  34. It depends on your choice of University.

  35. Is tasued accepting ijmb

  36. If you apply for Ijmb are you to stay as a full term student or do they offer part time

  37. It depends on what you fill on your application form.

  38. is dere a centre in or close to unizik

  39. do you need to write a post de to enter unizaria and how could one be sure of getting admission without knowing someone?

  40. ids there a center in lagos

  41. I mean a study center…and I wanna study medicine..wanna know other school apart from Ilorin I could study the course

  42. good day pls does lasu accept ijmb ? does aaua accept ijmb??
    which western uni accept ijmb???
    thanks in advance

  43. Amongs schools that accept IJMB. Which is still on.I mean for this year
    2015/2016 session.

    1. Non. The ongoing registration is for 2016/2017 session

  44. How many point does futyola needs in ijmb to give level two in geology

  45. Pls,is d form still on for purchase??

    1. Yes…. You can obtain it at our various registration centres

  46. Pls. do Ijmb accept Med nd Sug. with 6point…..if no pls Wats d minimum point nd d university dat accepts…..thanks

    1. No. 12-13 points

  47. is there any study centre in unizik

  48. Can one use IJMB to enter HND1 in polytechnic nd which skul if any

    1. Ijmb is solely for University admission not polytechnic.

  49. Do I still need to do a direct exam if I wanna cross to FUNAB nd I av like 6points nd above for bankin nd finance,cus dey said automatic admission is given?

  50. Does uniuyo or uniabuja accepts ijmb for engineering courses?

  51. Does uniuyo or uniabuja accepts ijmb for engineering courses?

  52. Does unilag accept ijmb 4 law? and how many points do i need to get in? pls its urgent

  53. How about international relations at unilag

  54. Is it compulsory to stay in schools hostels?

  55. Does University Of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) accepts IJMB?

  56. pls does Futa Nd uniosun accept ijmb

      1. Pls what is the ijmb cut off point for mbbs in unimaid?

  57. Wen will d form close 4 dis year? Nd is d fees dsame in all institution dats offering d program?

    1. The fees vary

  58. Does uniport accept ijmb for med surg student

  59. Were is the location for study and accomdation abeg ans

    1. We have study centres in Abuja, Port Harcourt, ilorin and Ibadan

  60. Is dere no registeration center in ph

  61. Pls admin hw much is d total fee for it in ibadan here and am seekin the admission in unilorin for medicine,wat re d points required

    1. Koyyum, The total fee for our Centre in ibadan is 140,000

      1. where is pH centre located and reg centre

  62. Can study pharmacy with 10points in university of Benin

  63. Pls. what is the actual points needed for art courses.And Also what is the. Least points that. Is needed to be obtained to get admission in jos,mina

  64. My son is a student of IJMB ilorin center what point he has to take to study medicine at ABU ZARIA ?.

  65. what is the ijmb cut off point for mbbs in unimaid pls?

  66. Courses to study with 6point, science courses

    1. @sholex, please, read the post carefully.

      1. how many points did NAUB WANT FOR IJMB

  67. Does futo or university of lagos accept ijmb??

  68. did islamic stu,arabic,govt wil offered mass communication in university of A.B.U

  69. Does uni ilorin accept law in ijmb if they do how many point

  70. when I register where will be state for lectures

    1. It depends on the state. You will have to choose out of our available study centres.

  71. Does federal uni lokoja accept ijmb?

  72. where+is+lbadan+center+located+and+the+school+fees

  73. does UNN accept it??

  74. pls admin,is compulsory to live in hostel?

  75. hw much is aaua fee and is it compuslory to live in hostel?

  76. Pls, what’s the total fees for ilorin ijmb study center?
    Pls, reply as soon as possible because I want to know my stand before reg. Thanks

  77. Will unilorin accept 5pts for computer science

  78. Plz I just registered .. Wen can I resume .. Can I resume by d end of this month ? Cuz d 2015!2016 set will b tru with exam by this month end.. Plz wen can I resume?

    1. Resumption date will be communicated to all registered students.

  79. Please does UNIUYO and DELSU accept IJMB into engineering courses….please answer so i’l knw if i have to change both schools….cos derz not much info of either of them there….tnx

  80. I was not given a resumption date .. May I resume @ d end of this month in my center ?… Cuz of d fee?

      1. please does futa accept ijmb

        1. Does abuad accept medicine and surgery through Ijmb

  81. pls how many points is needed to study computer science in any uni???

  82. when does the sale of form for 2015/2016 end please? when does the program starts? and will it be possibly still getting admission into 200L late this year? (October,November) cause from my calculation the program ends then. Pls reply,thanks

    1. 2015/2016 students will process their admission into 200level this year. The registration on going is that of 2016/2017 session and their admission will be next year.

  83. for uniilorin or unizik

  84. sorry I meant 2016/2017

  85. admin something is bothering me and i wanna know… pls are we going to write any direct entry exam b4 proceeding to write our desired school of choice exam??? or are we just going to proceed to their screening??? another question is dis ; can we apply fot more than 1 skul in a year???

    1. There’s nothing like direct entry examination. While some Universities will require you to do screening, some will require you to undergo their Post ume before admission.

  86. can we apply for 2 or 3 skuls @ d same time?

  87. can we apply for 2 or 3 different skuls @ d same time?

  88. How many point abubakar tafawa balewa university is needs

  89. Hi,pls am currently in SA nd will be bck by beggining of march,so I want to know when the form closes and also does OAU nd LASU accepts ijmb in international relations?nd do you have a centre in lagos?

  90. do futa accept IJMB and what is the point for mechanical engineering

  91. Pls how many points is required for nursing and how much is the total fee

  92. does UNN accepts ijmb

  93. Hi admin pls I wanna knw if unilag or 0au accept ijmb nd again z der any lecturing center in lag tanx

    1. UNILAG and OAU do not accept IJMB for now.

  94. After obtained the final result at Ijmb at any point but nt get admission to any institution for further level recent.pls sir hw many year d result can hold with before expire.

    1. The result can last for at least five years.

  95. obetta Cynthia. N

    Am writing my Waec next month can I enter with awaiting results

  96. pls does Michel okpara university of agriculture umudike accept Ijmb result?

  97. sir I tot wen u pay for the materia to b use eil b given to u like textbook an does futo, Michael okpara umudike , NDU accepts ijmb.includin futo for biochemistry

  98. Wea z d major centre in Ilorin

    1. There is no major centre in Ilorin. We can only refer you to the best centres in Ilorin.

  99. Please which university can accept d minimum of 3 points…

    1. Most private universities and few state uni.

      1. Please what course can be given with the minimum of 3points

  100. How come certificate are not granted to candidate upon completion of Ijmb/ you are only giving statement of result, I happen to be a beneficiary of Ijmb had 10 point did mine at ondo state polytechnic now Rufus giwa poly 2005 later graduated from Ambrose Alli uni. 2009 I really would like to have my certificate if possible

    1. We believe your study centre matters a lot.

      1. Hello plz I want a clear explanation abt funab accepting A level nabteb nd Ijmb or contact:08157070225

  101. pls which uni can I study marine engineering. using ijmb

    1. Search for schools that accept IJMB,then look out for the university that offers the course.

  102. and is d registration still on?

  103. does unizik accept ijmb for law.

  104. Does uniben accept ijmb for medicine & what point

    1. that depends on your choice of university. 8 points and above is not bad anyways.

  105. Please does unilag and lasu accept ijmb?

  106. how much is the Direct Entry form for ijmb

  107. When would this years ijmb result be out please? And how many point can one have to study international relations and personnel management in unilorin?

    1. The result should be out by May or last week of April.

      1. Does AAU Ekpoma accept ijamb for nursing and if yes what is the PPT? Pls it’s urgent

  108. please for this 2016/2017 session, when will they graduate and get their result? and will they be able to apply for direct entry next year?

    1. 2016/2017 students will graduate Feb 2017 after which they will apply for direct entry form.

  109. Does delsu accept ijmb result? I heard frm many people dat most schools don’t accept ijmb result again




  113. does ijmb result for 2015/2016 session release sir?

    1. Can I gain admission in delsu to study microbiology with 6 points?

  114. gud day, plz I want to know if uniport accept ijmb in nursing thanks n God bless

  115. ar we going to buy direct entry form in Abu Zaria. plz I need answers.or it just screening.

  116. plz do futo accept ijmb?plz I need feedback so dat I WL kn whr I stand

  117. please does A.B.U Zaria accept Ijmb for social science automatically?

  118. pls does lautech accept ijmb. pls

  119. please those uniport accept IJMB for mechanical engineering.

    1. No. UNIPORT do not accept IJMB.

  120. pls which university will accept 4points in Ijmb…..and what course will be given…..!!!

    1. Please go through the list again.

  121. Unilag doesn’t accept Ijmb right?

  122. Hello there, pls what is the admission procedures with ijmb result? Can the university admit without direct entry form?

    1. No. You need to obtain JAMB direct entry form.

  123. Plsss I hv 11point, B in economics, B in sociology and D in government, and I apply for economics in ABU zaria, plss did u think I will given admssion, bcz its 11point

  124. Plsss answer me plss I beg u, tell me bcz I hv already fill the D.E form

  125. Good evening sir, pls will A B U accept 6 point for business management or administrative / economic as a from ATBU bauchi dat did ijmb pls . I need a guide pls flash me with ur number pls 08058126234,08109772546

  126. does lasu accept Ijmb

  127. Does rsust accept ijmb.

  128. If yes with what point

  129. Please can 3points be considered? And for what course please?

    1. No. We can however, provide an alternative for you. Kindly call us via the phone numbers above.

  130. I have 8point I need to got admission in university of southern nigeria.

  131. can a person with 15points get admission in ABU FOR MBBS?

    1. Yes zafa. That is a very good point.

  132. What is the point aau and uniben take for medical Lab. for direct entry

  133. which Federal university accept 5point for food Science and tech

  134. I Failed Jamb Dis Year 2016 Wit 178 As My Score. Wen Do I Register Ijmb To Get To Level 200 Wit Others In Uniben? 07064739901 My Wasap Numba

  135. I got 7 point can I use it to read nursing at abu and funaab for biochemistry?

  136. does the 15points for mbbs in ABU need connections or it is automatic? pls kindly reply

  137. Pls do uniben accept ijmb

  138. does usman Dan fodio accept ijmb with five point?

  139. Does unilorin accept 6point for chemistry

  140. pls does delsu accepts Ijmb and pls what’s their cutoff point for mass com

  141. can i study history and int’l studies with 5points?

  142. Pls does lautech accept Ijmb…..pls abeg answer

  143. can i get admission with BIO B CHEM A PHY A for MBBS in BUK ?pls kindly reply

  144. Wher will I register n where will I be receiving d lectures but come to think of it I tink am late I might have miss so many lecture dat will make me not to meet up to d points dey accept from me

  145. Y not reply Ijmb guide?

  146. with 5points, can i study intl studies in ABU zaria?

  147. Pls can I know the university that accept economics under IJMB pls and how many points will it require

  148. pls how many points do I need to study mass communication in a federal school

    1. Cut off mark very. However, 9 points and above is okay

  149. Can I register for IJMB now. And does uniben accepts IJMB for accounting

    1. Yes! You can register now.

  150. did buk accept Ijmb for mbbs if yes how many points are they required?

  151. pls does funaab accept 6point for mangemant couses

  152. please when is the registration ending

  153. does unn accept ijmb

    1. No. UNN do not accept IJMB as a requirement for admission

  154. Can I secure admission in microbiology with 6 points in delsu?

  155. Can I still obtain the IJMB form

  156. If i have exactly 10 pts in ijmb, is medicine guaranteed at Abu zaria?

  157. pls hw many universities can ijmb be used to apply for at a time? tanks in advance

  158. if I Have exactly 8pts can I study medicine at Unizik

  159. pls is their any IJMB centre in ABUJA

    1. Yes. Kindly call any of the phone numbers above for information.

  160. If i have 9 point can i studuy biochemistry at atbu

  161. sorry my dad needs to see you guys b4 he pay for me please were in ABUJA can I locate u Guy’s

    1. Our study centre currently open for admission now is at gwagwalada. Please, call 07032375931 for further inquiry.

  162. hello which point can offer me medicine and surgery at Unizik?

  163. pls is Uniabuja accepting IJMB 4 medicine

  164. hw many point can lead me to medicine at university of ABUJA

  165. which university accept IJMB 4 medicine?

  166. which university is accepting IJMB 4 medicine

  167. pls my wants to study medicine in university can he go with IJMB

    1. Yes. But it depends on the university. This is because it is not all universities that accept ijmb

  168. pls which university can offer him medicine through IJMB

  169. hello sir please ur number

  170. am interested in this program

  171. which university can offer me medicine with IJMB results.

    1. Virtually all universities that accept IJMB programme

      1. Please I’m I late for the ijmb and if I register now what month would I be through by next year because I would like to get admission next year

  172. pls which university can offer me admission into medicine and surgery

  173. sir.please which university can offer me medicine and surgery through IJMB results please tell me me

  174. Uniben do not accept ijmb into civil engineering(structural engineering)…but do dey accept ijmb in mechincal engineering?…and how many point?…please

  175. Please I’m I late to register ijmb?and if I get started what month next year would I finish cos I would like to get admission next year.thanks

  176. pls i want to do d inmb at osun state uni bt wanna ask if there will b an entrance examination b4 u go for d program

  177. pls is lasu accepting ijmb for nursing and what is d required pts for 2016/2017

  178. is there time for me to register against 2016/17 section

  179. what is the cut off point to study political science in aaua with ijmb

  180. hello please is there time for me to register?

  181. how many points can offer me medicine and surgery in BAYERO UNIVERSITY KANO PLS?

  182. How many points is required to study philosophy in unilag,university of Ibadan or tasued….and please what courses are relevent for the A level pass

  183. how many point do fed uni lokoja nd kogi state uni need in ijmb on econ nd bussine

  184. Pls is anambra state I jamb form out and when it wil end and d total payment

    1. We have a registration centre in U.I. kindly call the number above for enquiry.

  185. hello Sir do unizik and uniabuja accept IJMB for medicine and surgery please answer me sir…….#chizzy.com

  186. Please do unilag accept ijmb for engineering course and what point

  187. helle can I apply for medicine into unizik with 9pnts

  188. please sir, does unizik offers law through IJMB and how many points is required ?? Thanks

  189. Does taraba state university accept ijmb as D. E into university, if yes what is the required point for accounting

    1. You should be working towards 8points and above.

  190. Does Unizik accept IJMB result for Law and Public administration?

  191. does unizik accept ijmb for law and pub. Administration.

  192. Pls does FUTA accept IJMB

  193. Do you apply candidate with two sittings

  194. hw many points can lead to medicine in unizik and Uniabuja pls….

  195. Pls sir is udusok sokoto accept ijmb,is the accommodation fees be removed. so DAT I can become a day student

    1. They accept IJMB. Accommodation is optional.

  196. hw many points can lead to medicine in unizik
    and Uniabuja pls….answer me

  197. Pls i got 7 point, while unizik accept 6point for engineering,what is my possibility of getting admission

  198. Can unizik offer me admission with 7point into engineering

  199. pls I want to register to unical but someone sed dey have closed is it tru? if not wen is d closing date 4 d registration?

  200. please wot is the required point for elect elect engineering in osun state university.. pls

  201. Please how can I get JAMB DE past questions?

    1. There’s nothing like that Daniel.

  202. Please does river state University of science and technology accept ijamb and Wat is required for art law

  203. can someone get admission to study medicine in university of Ibadan from 200level with an ijmb result. and how many points does he or she needs.

  204. i score 6points in ijmb, as a science student’s which course can i aplied for

  205. did aaua acept ijmb

  206. Does AAU accept ijmb?

  207. Does AAU accept ijmb for medicine and surgery or med lab course?also does uniben accept it and whats the point and am still confused abt this ijmb programme

  208. pls does unn and unizik accept ijmb and what there study center in both universities

  209. Does fuoye accept ijmb result

  210. Do OAU accept IJMB for medicine?

  211. Hello pls did KASU accept IJMB?

  212. Please can I apply to uniabuja for medicine using ijmb

  213. Hello. Pls can I still register for ijmb?

    1. Yes. You can. Kindly call us via any of of helplines for assistance. 07032375931 or 09098985275.

  214. Sir…Do uniabuja accept ijmb for engineering courses? and what is their aggregate point? pls sir i need replay on time

  215. Adinchezor goodness

    does funai and university of benin and unn and university of ibadan accept accountancy via ijmb into 200L

  216. pls does lasu or aaua accept ijmb for d.e

    1. LASU do not accept IJMB. AAUA DOES

  217. does unical,uniben,futo accept ijmb for computer science
    what is the best result for it

  218. sir pls does rsust accept ijmb for law?? what is the aggregate point??..thank u..pls quick reply.

  219. Good day.. Pls how many points does abu need for mass communication please need a reply fast

      1. Pls sir, can you use the result for different schools?

  220. Sir please After undertaking the ijmb, can you use the result for different schools in a year?

  221. plz i av 7 point can i go for computer sc in futminna plz am i free to apply?

  222. pls is the regetration still on

  223. Pls I have 5 point in ijmb can I study bus admin in uniosun pls

  224. hw long does ijmb result be used for admission

    1. It can be used for more than five years.

  225. When will 2017 results be released? When & how can we know DE form to universities are out

    1. We will post the information on ijmbguide.com

  226. ,how is it possible to gain admission to 200 level direct in the year u finish ijmb lecture or do we have to wait till after jamb wen the school of choice
    screening form

    1. Everything you’ve said is the same. You will gain admission The same year and it will be after the screening

  227. Pls I wrote ijmb and I will like to know if I can use this subject combination biology, physics, chemistry for food science and technology in futa or uniben.tanks

  228. Please I’d like to know if UNIBEN accepts IJMB for medicine or paramedical science.


  229. pls is the form still available

  230. Please can I get admission with 7 points in funnab accounting?

    1. Yes. It also depends on the course

  231. please,does UNIBEN accept ijmb result? if yes, will UNIBEN accept 7points to study animal science?

  232. admin please i need a reply

  233. does uniben accept ijmb result? if yes, will they accept 7 ijmb points for animal science?

  234. I cant login to my account with ijmb, I need help please

    1. Kindly call the number above

  235. hello pls what of nda kaduna do they accept ijmb and can i choose more than one universities with direct entry,thanks.

  236. Good day sir pls I got 12p in ijmb can I study accounting in uniben n will my admission b granted without connection

  237. Sharon Benjamin

    my name is Sharon I would love to study accounting but am finding it difficult to get a school that will give me accounting I did ijmb program and I scored 11 point but my subject combination is economics, government, and business management pls is it possible

  238. pls do Abubakar Tafawa Balewa university accepts IJMB? If yes, pls how many points do they accept because i had 6pts and want to study Accounting technology

  239. Do unical accept ijmb? My course is economics and how much is the fees?and where can I study? And how many points do I need please I need answers

    1. Yes. The fees depends on your study centre. You need 8-9 points and above. Our closest study centres to calabar is Akwa Ibom, Enugu and Port Harcourt centres

  240. Pls is University of Nigeria Nsuka accepting Ijmb

    1. They don’t accept IJMB for now

  241. Does unical accept 9points for political science?

  242. Adeoje Gloria Ebunoluwa

    I had 10 point and I want to study pharmacy/medicine/nursing.which can I go for?

  243. plss what is the required point to gain admission into kwasu

  244. pls I had 9 points and I want to go for nursing @ABU Zaria,can I b admitted? if nt what other course can I go for?

  245. I have 6 point and I want to study nursing or any medical courses what can I do

    1. The point is to low for any medical course

  246. I have 4points which school can I apply for

  247. hello Admin… i got 12 points and I want study chemical engineering… apart from northern schools..what are my chances and possible schools??

  248. pls I have 7 point and I wish to apply Abu Zaria for pharmacy will I be considered if yes let me know and if no pls tell me a school that will accept my point for pharmacy. pls reply me through this mail. [email protected]

  249. Please how many point is needed by ABU for Political science and sociology

  250. pls is federal university of technology owerre accept ijmb

  251. pls can I study medicine with 9pts at unijos. pls sir, I need a reply

  252. plz sir, can study medicine with 9pts at unijos

  253. Hi good evening… Pls it urgent, does university of Port Harcourt accept ijmb b4 I apply I need to know and I do need your reply ASAP pls.. Cus the form for direct entry is on going.

  254. does Zaria accept 5point for any low course

  255. please does unizik accept 10pts for mbbs

  256. please what cut-off point do they accept for medicine and surgery (unizik)

  257. pls sir, can 9pts study food science and tech at unilorin.

  258. Please is the registration still on

  259. Can unab accept 7points for electrical engineer

  260. Adekunle oluwamayowa

    Please is the registration still on. If yes, when is it closing.?

  261. Does Enugu state university accept ijmb as direct entry into med and surgery

  262. When will the result for 2021/2022 going to be out

  263. Good day
    Pls does Imo state University accept IJMB

      1. Can i study radiography with the result BEF in bayero University kano state

  264. Can I get admitted into uni ibadan with ijmb for medicibe ND surgery even if I’ll start from 100lvl

  265. Does uniben accept ijmb please reply it’s urgent

  266. Pls as a direct entry student do I need to write utme exam inorder to get admission into unilorin or kwasu
    Pls if NO which other form am I required to get besides my result

  267. Does Ibadan poly accept ijmb??
    How many years before the result expire.

    1. IJMB is for admission into university not polytechnic.

  268. Which University accepts 4 points

  269. I can I study pharmacy in delsu with 8points ?

  270. Does federal University of oye ekiti accepts IJMB

  271. Wat course can I study in unilorin with 8points

  272. good day sir
    how many points is for computer science in abu Zaria

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