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IJMB Registration centres in lagos (Ikeja, Ikorodu and Palm Groove)

We now have IJMB registration and study centre in Lagos State 

IJMB Guide is currently building a list of  I.J.M.B centres in lagos.

These IJMB centres are authorized “centre for registration” for I.J.M.B programme.

prospective candidates who which to obtain IJMB form.
The body responsible for the accredited centres listed on the is Amas Nigeria.

This post is coming because we have been notified that there are individuals who parade their account details online, claiming that they register students for IJMB programme. We are also aware that fake centres are looking for students to defraud. Student who which to register for ijmb programme in lagos can therefore visit “IJMB registration centres” closer to them instead of falling victim of being scammed online.

Also Read: How To know you are about to be scammed and how to avoid it

We advice parents and  aspiring students to avoid picking account details online. A Candidate who wishes to register for ijmb programme with us in LAGOS is advised to register at our Ojota or Egbeda registration centres in lagos. been assigned to a study Centre.

I.J.M.B registration form is eight thousand naira (8,000). Please be informed that our bank details is not online.

We advise prospective students to always call us via the numbers below this post before making any payment for application form into any bank account.

IJMB School Fees for Lagos.

Our IJMB School Fees for Lagos State Centre is #250,000. This covers the accommodation, acceptance and tuition fees. Kindly check out the breakdown below;

  • Acceptance: #20,000
  • Accommodation: #30,000
  • Tuition: #120,000

Total: #170,000.

For ijmb registration centres in lagos, call Helplines: 0807818791 or 08032310760.

Please drop you comment in the box below and get response as soon as possible.

Updated: November 11, 2022 — 4:13 pm


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  1. Boluwatife Ijalaye

    Good day please I want to find out if IJMB form is still on sale and if I can still join the programme. I will also appreciate it if I can get the centers in lagos where I can go for lectures. Thank you for your anticipated speedy response.

    1. IJMB form is still on sale and we have registration centres where the form can be obtained in lagos state. Please read the information above

  2. Charles Akpoghenobor

    send the list of accredited centers fo ijmb in lagos. I mean where ijmb exam is conducted

    1. We do not know of any accredited Centre in Lagos. If in the future we find any, it will be posted here

  3. Is IJMB form still out???

    1. I was to apply for ijmb in Lagos before th e year 2022 how do I ho about that to avoid being scammed.

      1. Kindly contact any of the numbers above, then request for centre address.

  4. Kindly send me a list of accredited registration and study centres in the Lagos area together with Phone Numbers and addresses
    2. What does it take to start up a Study centre in my area. We have highly qualified and seasoned lecturers currently teaching in Polytechnic and Coll of Tech to handle the courses.

  5. do u mean dat is not even a single centres in Lagos

  6. Pls, we are the exam centres located all over Nigeria

  7. Where exactly is the centre where l can buy the form in Lagos states is it at ikeja or where

  8. You can get our form at #AFUEQUO ENTERPRISES,
    1 Alhaja Abass street, opp supreme microfinance Bank, by Alhaja bus stop.
    Ogbudu-ojota road. 07032375931

    1. This address you posted,is it where we will be receiving lectures or what?

  9. The address is for registration.

  10. where the school is in lagos plz tell us becus wil want too kw where exactly ur annex is in lagos

  11. please how can i see where the admission list for batch 1 is

    1. What do you mean Yomi?

  12. pls,is the form still on sale

  13. Plzzz when does the sale of the form expires and where is the IJMB centres in akwa ibom

    1. The sales will still be on till next year. We only have registration centres in Akwa ibom

  14. Does IJMB accept the use of awaiting results and how do I get the registration form in Lagos

    1. Ijmb accept awaiting results. You can get our form at #AFUEQUO ENTERPRISES,
      1 Alhaja Abass street, opp supreme microfinance Bank, by Alhaja bus stop.
      Ogbudu-ojota road. 07032375931

  15. where is the location for the 9 month program in lagos

    1. We have registration centres in Lagos.

  16. Where can I get the form in Ondo state?

  17. pls can i still mit up wit d lectures cos m resuming next year for d tutor n m a working class student can i skip d lecture n go for exam

    1. Are you an Art, social science or science student?

    1. Yes, you can. You will need to specify while filling the form at our registration Centre

  18. Hello,

    Please I need to know nursing schools that accept IJMB in western Nigeria.

    Can I read and sit exams direct? Where are exams carried out as I am based in Lagos.

  19. I’m curious abt sumtin can i ask,

  20. i obtain form for 2015/2016 and I was told to resume on Jan ,am I going to pay d whole tutor fees or just gonna pay for d month m gonna use and when will d exam start

  21. where can I buy ijmb form in kebbi?

  22. Hello,

    No one seems to be straight foward with answers on IJMB,

    Where are the Lagos centers?
    If we buy the form where do we take classes?
    Where do we sit exams?

    Can I have direct answers to my questions without calling any number or buying the form first.


    1. We have registration centres at Ojota and unilag. You will take classes at any of our study centres. We have study centres in Abuja, Port Harcourt, ilorin and Ibadan. Your exam centres depends on the state you study.

    2. God bless you!
      Admin, can you please be straight with your answers in Lagos centres… are there centres in Lagos or not? If yes, where????

      1. For now, we don’t have study centres in Lagos. What we have in Lagos is registration centres.

        We are currently working to make sure a Centre is created in Lagos.

  23. sir,plus do you have any study centers in lagos and if so,kindly list their addresses here.Thanks

    1. We are not working with any study Centre in Lagos for now. However, we have registration centres in Lagos.

      1. Babang Revival Meshach

        good morning sir,when is 2016session going to start,and you do u said you are not working with any study centers in Lagos but is there on the website. As I’m talking to you I have already choose my study center in Abule-Ebba so what becomes of me. Thanks

        1. IJMB GUIDE is not working with any study Centre in Lagos. What we have in Lagos are registration centres. You can call us for further enquiry.

  24. pls i called a number on this site and they asked me to come for registration at surulere.pls hope am on the right track o.this one dat u said ojota and unilag. urgent reply pls

    1. Thank you for asking. We only have registration Centre @Ojota and unilag. The so-called number was not gotten from here sir.

  25. Where is ijmb study centre located, is there any here in lagos?

    1. We have registration centres in Lagos.

  26. Please be straight forward with your reply. After registration here in Lagos, Where do we take classes?

    1. Those coming from Lagos will take classes in either Ilorin or Ibadan, depending on the Centre available at the time of registration.

  27. I am ask to cum for clearance n resumption at brain fill academy Ibadan m I on d right track

  28. Sorry, is the form still on sale? and I just wanna know where I can be receiving lectures after I purchase the form.

    NB: Am actually in Lagos.

    1. The form is still on sale. We have registration centres in Lagos. Our closest study centres to Lagos is our Ibadan and Ilorin centres.

  29. I am ask to cum for clearance n resumption
    at brain fill academy Ibadan m I on d right

  30. where is the registration in ojota?

      #1 Alhaja Abass street, opp supreme microfinance Bank, by Alhaja bus stop. Ogbudu-ojota road.

  31. seems u avoiding mssg, im sori if m bugging u I just want to b sure wit d form I obtain bt it ok if u dnt want to answer my question sir/ma

  32. and after the programe in ilorin of ibadan should we be sure of automatic admission.. Or we still ve 2 take direct entry

    1. You will need to obtain direct entry form.

  33. I am the Director Airmax Computer Institute
    A JAMB CBT Center in Madalla Niger State
    We would like to patiner with IJMB for a Study Center
    We have all it takes to run the program,
    how do we come in?

    1. Please, contact us via the any of the phone numbers above.

  34. Is d form still on going pls??

  35. Hello is ijmb form still out and how much one is it going to cost one to be an ijmb student

    1. Ijmb form is still on sale. The fees vary. It depends on the state you want to study

  36. Pls is the Ijmb form still out, and how much is it?

    1. Ijmb form is still on sale. The form is 8,000

  37. when is the form closing?

  38. When is it closing?

  39. Pls wen is lecture starting?

    1. Lectures will Commence next week

  40. where in lagos is ijmb center located

    1. Our registration Centre is @Ojota

  41. how much is the fees

  42. Please,where in ojota is the centre? and would we begin 200level this year after successful completion of the program?

  43. where in unilag is the registration process going on?

  44. Pls is the form still available?

  45. Pls sir/ma is the form for ijmb still out

  46. pls were can i get the form in lagos
    pls reply me it urgent

    1. We have a registration centre in Ojota and another at UNILAG.

  47. Pls tell me more abt dis ijmb


  49. pls where is d center in ibadan

    1. Our registration centre is at U.I. The study centre is at old ife road

  50. is there an entrance exam and is it hard .

    1. There’s no entrance exam for all our centres

  51. Can’t one register for ijmb in a cafe than going to ojota?

    1. You can. All you need to do is to send your email address to 07032375931. The form will be forwarded to your email. On receiving it, you can go to any cyber cafe to print out. For further information you can call us via 07032375931 or 09098985275

    1. The total fee for Lagos centre is 160,000

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