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IJMB subject combination for sciences, social sciences and Arts students

​Interim Joint Matriculation Board, IJMB subject combination  – 

We have made a compilation of IJMB subject combination for all IJMB courses. We advice all prospective IJMB Student to check for the subject combination needed for their preferred course before heading for registration.

IJMB subject combination

All candidates seeking for admission into Nigerian Universities through IJMB should take note that English Language is not a compusory subject for students be it science, social science or Arts students.

Students should not that they are to choose three subjects related to their preferred course before registration. E.g Chemistry, physics and biology is the combination for medicine, literature, Government and C.R.S/I.R.S is the combination for Law etc.

Below is the subject combinations/Full List of IJMB Subject Combinations For All Courses

(A). IJMB Subject Combination for Sciences:

  1. Medicine and Surgery: Biology, Physics and Chemistry.
  2.  Agricultural Engineering: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.
  3. Computer Science: Mathematics, Physics and one of Biology, Chemistry, Agric Science, Economics and Geography.
  4. Biochemistry: Biology, Physics and Chemistry.
  5. Biological Sciences: Biology, Chemistry and Physics or Mathematics.
  6. Physics: Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry or Biology.
  7.  Mathematics: Mathematics and any two of Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Biology and Agricultural Science.
  8. Chemistry: Chemistry and two of Physics, Biology and Mathematics. 
  9. Nursing: Physics, Biology and Chemistry.
  10. Food, Science and Technology: Chemistry, Mathematics / Physics and Agric Science.
  11. Pharmacy: Biology, Physics and Chemistry.
  12.  Industrial Chemistry: Chemistry, Mathematics and any of Physics/Biology/Agricultural Science.
  13. Fisheries: Chemistry, Biology/Agricultural Science and any other Science subject.
  14. Geology: Any three Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Biology and Geography.
  15. Geography: Geography and any two of Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Agricultural Science.
  16. Surveying an Geoinformatics: Physics, Mathematics, and any of Chemistry, Geography, Art, Biology and Economics.
  17. Statistics: Mathematics and any two of Physics, Chemistry, biology
  18.  Building: Physics, Mathematics, and any of Chemistry, Geography, Art, Biology and Economics.
  19. Microbiology: Biology, Chemistry and either Physics or Mathematics.
  20. Botany: Biology, Chemistry and any other Science subject.
  21. Zoology: Biology and any two of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
  22. Pure and Applied Mathematics: Mathematics, Physics and Biology or Agric Science or Chemistry or Geography.
  23. Agriculture: Chemistry, Biology/Agriculture and any one of Physics and Mathematics.
  24. Agricultural Economics: Chemistry, Biology/ Agricultural Science and Mathematics.
  25. Agric-Extension: Chemistry, Biology/ Agricultural Science plus Mathematics or Physics. 
  26. Agronomy: Chemistry, Biology or Agriculture and Physics or Mathematics.
  27. Animal Production and Science: Chemistry, Biology/Agric Science and Physics/Mathematics.
  28. Crop Production and Science: Chemistry, Biology/Agriculture and Mathematics or Physics.
  29. Soil Science: Chemistry, Biology or Agricultural Science plus Mathematics or Physics.
  30. Veterinary Science: Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  31. Forestry: Chemistry, Biology or Agriculture and Physics or Mathematics.
  32. Civil Engineering: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.
  33. Chemical Engineering: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.
  34. Computer Engineering: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.
  35. Electrical Engineering: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.
  36.  Electronic Engineering: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.
  37. Marine Engineering: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.
  38. Mechanical Engineering: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.
  39.  Metallurgical and Materials Engineering: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.
  40. Petroleum and Gas Engineering: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.
  41. Systems Engineering: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.
  42. Structural Engineering: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.
  43. Production and Industrial Engineering: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.
  44. Architecture: Physics, Mathematics, and any of Chemistry, Geography, Art, Biology and Economics.
  45. Quantity Surveying: Physics, Mathematics, and any of Chemistry, Geography, Art, Biology and Economics.
  46. Urban and Regional Planning: Geography and one of Economics, Physics, Chemistry.
  47. Estate Management: Mathematics, Economics and one other subject
  48. Anatomy: Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry or Physics.
  49. Dentistry: Chemistry, Biology and one Science subject.
  50. Medical Laboratory Science: Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  51. Medical Rehabilitation: Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  52. Physiology: Biology, Physics and Chemistry.
  53. Physiotherapy: Biology, Physics and Chemistry.
  54.  Radiography: Biology, Physics and Chemistry.
  55. Veterinary Medicine: Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

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(B). IJMB Subject Combination for Social Sciences:

  1. Accountancy: Mathematics, Economics and any other Social Science subject.
  2. Business Administration: Mathematics, Economics and any other Social Science subject.
  3. Public Administration: Government, Economics and any other subject.
  4. Banking and Finance: Mathematics, one Social Science subject and any other subject.
  5.  Economics: Mathematics, Economics and any of Government, History, Geography, Literature in English, French and CRK/IRK.
  6. Demography and Social Statistics: Mathematics, Economics/Geography and any other subject.
  7. Geography: Geography and two other Arts or Social Science subjects.
  8. Library Science: Any three Arts or Social Science subjects.
  9. Mass Communication: Any three from Arts or Social Science subjects.
  10. Sociology: Three Social Science or Arts subjects.
  11.  Political Science: Government or History plus two other Social Science/Arts subjects.
  12. Philosophy: Government and any other two subjects.
  13. Psychology: Any three subjects from Arts or Social Science.
  14.  Social Works: Mathematics, Economics/Geography and any other subject.
  15. Sociology and Anthropology: Three Social Science or Arts Subjects.
  16. Industrial Relations: Mathematics, Economics plus one other relevant subject.
  17. Human Resources Management: Economics, Government and any other relevant subjects.
  18.  International Relations: Economics, Literature- inEnglish and Geography/Govern ment/History.
  19. Business Management: Mathematics, Economics and one other subject.
  20. Cooperative and Rural Development: Mathematics, Economics plus one other subject.
  21. Tourism: Mathematics, Economics and any other subject.
  22. Marketing: Mathematics, Economics plus one other relevant Subject.
  23. Insurance: Mathematics, Economics and one other subject.

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(C). IJMB Subject Combination for Arts:

  1. Arabic and Islamic Studies , Arabic and Two subjects from Arts and/or Social Sciences. 
  2. Christian Religious Studies:  Two Arts subjects including Christian Religious Knowledge and any other subject.
  3. Fine and Applied Arts: Fine Art and two other Arts subjects or Social Science subject.
  4. Theatre Arts: Lit. in English and two other relevant subjects.
  5. LinguisticsLit. in English, TWO relevant Arts subjects 
  6. English and International Studies: Literature in English, Government or History or any other Arts subjects.
  7. French: French and any other two subjects from Arts and Social Sciences.
  8. English Language: Lit.-in-English, one other Arts subject and another Arts or Social Science subject.
  9. Hausa: Hausa, Lit in English and any of Economics, Government, History and Arabic.
  10. History and International Studies: History/Government and any other two subjects from Arts & Social Science.
  11. Islamic Studies: Islamic Religious Studies plus two other Arts subjects.
  12.  Igbo: Igbo and two subjects from Arts and social Sciences.
  13. Mass Communication:  Any three Arts and Social Science subjects.
  14. Music: Music, one other Arts subject plus any other subject.
  15. Philosophy: Any three related subjects.
  16. Religious Studies: CRK/IRS and any two other subjects.
  17. Yoruba: Yoruba and two other subjects in Arts or Social Sciences.
  18. Anthropology: Any three of History, CRK/IRK, Geography, Economics, Literature in English and French.
  19. Criminology and Security Studies: English, Economics, Government, and any one of the following: History, Geography, Literature in English, igbo, French, IRK, Hausa.
  20. Law:  Literature, Economics and any other Art Subject.
  21. Civil Law: Any three Arts or Social Science subjects.
  22. Islamic / Sharia Law: Any three Arts or Social Science subjects including Arabic or Islamic Studies 

Haven listed the subject combination need for all IJMB students aspiring to register for IJMB programme, we advice prospective students to take their registration seriously because it has a long way to go at the end. We advise students to visit our registration centres for proper guidance instead of making payment into bank account/paying online and therefore filling the form on their own.


08078187910 OR 08032310760

For related enquiries about IJMB subject combination, kindly use the comment section. We will reply you as soon as possible.



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  1. Pls I need this ijmb admission how do I go about it

    1. You can get all the information you need here at Ijmbguide.com or call us via 07032375931 or 09098985275

    2. pls I need ijmb form pls how do go about it

  2. Please how many university accept IJMB for law, it seems it’s only ABU,zaria, how about ilorin and Lasu???

    1. Ilorin Universities accept IJMB for law students. LASU do not accept IJMB programme as at today.

  3. Pls I want to study psychology, what combinations am I going to use?

    1. Pls it’s under arts

  4. Am confus oo art n social science student at enugu ijmb study Center are not offering maths is it ok? For instance as a Business admin student my combination are… ECONOMICS.. ACCOUNTING and business Management.. Pls help me is my combination ok?

  5. What about for education careers

  6. I Want to study mass communication. pls what is the subjects combination for IJMB?

    1. Government, Literature and CRS.

  7. Pls..am confuse oo..i want to study philosophy in school.. But my subject combination are below average. Like government is d7 and I don’t register lit in eng in my waec and neco..pls how do I go about it in my ijmb form…thanks

    1. We advise that you sit for another O/level examination. Meanwhile, You can register for IJMB Programme with awaiting results.

  8. Pls ur guidance will go a long way for me.

    1. Kindly contact us for more information. 07032375931 or 09098985275


    My son want to do this program but he just finished his WAEC, what if after registering and at the end the person”s waec result is not okey or not released, what will be the person”s faith for this program or is it better to wait by July whn the result will be released or will it be late by then? Please advice me.

  10. Please how many University accepts Ijmb for Pharmacy

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