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IJMB center in Port Harcourt (Rivers state)

IJMB center in Port Harcourt 2023 is open for registration. Registration is currently ongoing at our Rivers, Port Harcourt registration centre. Apply now

IJMB center in Port Harcourt

This topic is meant to address the issues of study and registration center in Port Harcourt.

The issue of IJMB center in Port Harcourt will be addressed from two different angles which are;

  1. IJMB registration centre in Port Harcourt 
  2. IJMB Study centre in Port Harcourt.

IJMB Center IN Port Harcourt 

Before we explain what the two means, we will like to let you know that both are available in Rivers state, Port Harcourt.

The above statement is surely a good new for prospective students in Port Harcourt and it’s neighbouring states.

This means that IJMB prospective students from south-south and eastern Nigeria I.e Bayelsa state (yenagoa), Abia State (Umuahia), Imo State (Owerri), Akwa Ibom (uyo), Anambra etc will no longer need to travel 12hrs from port harcourt to Ilorin for IJMB programme. In other words, the neighbouring states will have to travel for about 1hr 30mins or 2hrs depending on your state to study in Port Harcourt.

IJMB Registration Center in Port Harcourt 

Just as the word implies “IJMB registration centre”, this is the Our authorize registration centre where IJMB applicants can apply for the programme without stress.

Students going to apply at our registration centre should have a knowledge of IJMB requirements for registration. Students who wish to apply for the programme may also want to know the tuition fees for the programme.

Our registration center in Port Harcourt is at Choba. Kindly contact  08032310760

 for description.

You can also apply online if you do not live in Rivers State.

IJMB Study Center in Port Harcourt.

IJMB Study center is where the students reside and also receive lectures in preparation for IJMB final exam.

We have more than three study center in Port Harcourt. Students are assigned to various study centers after their application at the registration centre.

Why IJMB Center in Port Harcourt is Important.

In the past, IJMB prospective students from the southern and eastern Nigeria all travelled to Ilorin for IJMB Programme. Some even travelled from as far as Port Harcourt to Ilorin just to obtain IJMB form. But things are different now. Apart from the study centre we have in Port Harcourt, we have registration centre in Edo state, Akwa Ibom state and even in Port Harcourt (choba campus)


We advise all students who are yet to register for IJMB programme not to be in a hurry to register without getting enough information on how to go about the registration to avoid IJMB online scam. And again, we also advice prospective IJMB students who wish to register at our centre in Port Harcourt to read the complete guide for ijmb registration in Port Harcourt before registering for the programme.


For candidates who will prefer schooling far from home, we have centres in Abuja and Ilorin, Ibadan, Lagos, Port Harcourt, Enugu, Anambra etc for you.

The hostel accommodation is in a very conducive and serene environment with water and adequate electricity. Few bed spaces are available for incoming students and allocation is going to be based entirely on a first come first serve basis.

IJMB School Fees and Application Fee

  • School fees, accommodation and acceptance fees; 150,000
  • Application form and registration is N8,000 only.

For enquiry, call; 0807818791 or 08032310760.

Please, you can also use the comment box for related enquiry on IJMB center in Port Harcourt.



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  1. pls r d sales of d Ijmb form still on?…if yes how can I get it?

  2. The sales of ijmb form is on going. You can get the form at our various registration centres. Please follow this link http://www.ijmbguide.com/2015/02/09/ijmb-registration-centres-in-lagos-ogunabeokuta-oyo-e-t-c-and-registration-procedures-for-ijmb-prospective-candidates/

  3. am in kaduna, were can i get the form.

  4. am @ kaduna. were can i get the form

  5. We don’t have a registration Centre in kaduna for now. Please contact the number above for possible steps.

  6. Can i still purchase d form? And is thier a particular date u’ll stop d sales??

  7. Pls when will lectures begin in 2016

    1. March /April

  8. Yes. The sales of ijmb application form just started.

  9. Pls where in Lagos is ur office and is there any study center in Kaduna or abuja

  10. Pls does uniport and uniuyo accept the Ijmb result and how much is d school fees for 2016/17

  11. please sir am in portharcourt, where exactly can I locate Ijmb center

  12. please sir am about traveling to portharcourt because of the ijmb stuff were can I get the form

    1. Our registration Centre is at choba. Please, contact us via the number above.

  13. Pls where is the location in port harcourt

    1. Our registration Centre is @choba

  14. pls Sir how much is d Ijmb fee in owerri, Aba nd portharcourt?

    1. It’s around 90,000 for tuition in Port Harcourt, at Aba, it’s 110,000 for first semester and same for second semester.

  15. will I pay tution fee for each semester? or d 90,000 is for both semesters?

    1. 90,000 for the whole programme.

    2. It’s 90,000 for both semesters

  16. Pls.where is IJMB center in OWERRI?

  17. does Michael okpara university accept ijmb

  18. in aba is it 11000 for both semester or for one semester

    1. It is 110000 for a semester

  19. Pls will one have to stay at the hostel if u live in port Harcourt? and does Michael Okpara university accept IJMB?

  20. Where is ijmb centre located in port harcourt?

    1. Our registration centre in Port Harcourt is at Choba, UNIPORT. Our study centre is @ peter Odili road.

  21. Can i still register.

  22. Pls how much is the total fee for a semester in Port Harcourt

    1. One hundred and fifty thousand (150,000).

  23. Please can I change my course from public admin to business admin and I stay at peter odili road portharcourt where exactly is the center at peter odili road

  24. Please can I change my course from public admin to business admin and I stay at peter odili road portharcourt where exactly is the center at peter odili road..a

  25. where do ijmb av its centre in Anambra state and is registration still on?

  26. When will the form for ijmb 2016/2017 be out and the school fees

  27. Do U Offer Pharmacy I’m In Ph And What Are D Requirment And School Fee

  28. can i purchase the form right now?

  29. Pls where is the study center for port Harcourt prospective students? i.e where students will be having lectures?
    And is the form still on sale?

    1. Our study centre is at Trans-Amadi

  30. Pls where is the study center for port Harcourt prospective students? i.e where students will be having lectures?
    And is the form still on sale?.

    1. Ijmb form is still on sale and our study centre is at Trans-Amadi

  31. where exactly is the IJMB centre in pH located? the address!

  32. plss does unilag or UST accept Ijmb??

  33. Is d form still on sale(porthacourt residence) and how much for all registration processes?

    1. The registration is currently on going and it is 8,000

  34. where is ijmb registration and study center in imo state

    1. For now, we are not working with any centre in Imo

  35. ijmb program runs for how many months? and how much is the total amount to pay for the whole stay

    1. It runs for 9-11 months. The amount vary. It depends on the state you want to study and the centre you studying.

  36. Please how much is IJMB school fees and everything here in portharcourt… And can one purchase form online without going to choba?

    1. Everything is 155,000. Our registration centre is at choba

  37. is the I jmb registration form for 2017/2018 session til going on and how do I purchase it,is der going 2 be entrance examination, does RSUST accept i jmb candidate for applied biology

  38. Ijmb registration is still on and our registration centre is at choba. Uniport. Your call reach us via any of the phone numbers above. There is no entrance exam. The answer to you last question is no. They do not.

  39. Pls am in ph but wNt to study outside ph have the registration ended and if no how possible is it for me to study in uyo and how much is it going to cost me through out my stay

    1. We have a study centre in Uyo but you don’t have to go to Uyo for registration. We have a registration centre at choba. Uniport. Call any of the phone numbers above for more information

  40. How much do I need to pay all the while am going to stay there to study @uyo including accommodation fee Pls i need answers

  41. Pls is ijmb form still on sale?if yes pls were can I purchase one near to abia state and I want to study at uyo

  42. please is IJMB form still on sale .??

    1. Yes Ada. Kindly call us. 07032375931

  43. and is there a centre for it in warri??

  44. Pls tell me,what are d universities that accepts IJMB.

  45. Do you offer phycology

  46. Innocent marvellous

    Pls I am presently working can I run part time for d Ijmb programme

  47. When is the registration ending

    1. There’s no precise date for now.

  48. Innocent marvellous

    Pls can I purchase d form in august and still write d exam by february? If yes how do I get the past question before I purchase d form?

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