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2019/2020 IJMB Requirements / Requirements for IJMB Programme

2019/2020 IJMB Requirements, WHAT ARE THE REQUIREMENTS FOR IJMB PROGRAMME, How to obtain IJMB form, The myth About IJMB Entrance examination, What to do After Writing IJMB Examination.

IJMB Requirements

How to Obtain 2019/2020 IJMB FORM?

The question on What is IJMB requirements for registration keeps forthcoming as students keep asking this question over and over again. To this effect, We at IJMB Guide have decided to write a post on the requirement of IJMB and what and what are needed to obtain IJMB FORM.

This is to critically minimise the question of 2019/2020 IJMB REQUIREMENTS.



Firstly, we need to disregard the untrue information that students need to write an entrance examination for IJMB programme. There is nothing as such. As far as you are registering with us ( IJMB GUIDE ), there is no need for you to write any exam after the registration.

IJMB prospective students only write entrance exam after IJMB registration if they register directly with the Universities that offer IJMB programme. This IJMB entrance exam organised by the universities is a means of cutting down the over populated students that must have applied to the university.
Students only write IJMB EXAM at the end of the programme in our IJMB CENTRES and apply for DIRECT ENTRY with their results.
IJMB grades is calculated in points and the general points of the three ( 3 ) courses a candidate registered for is 15 i.e a course is 5points, of which a total points of 6 from the grades of the three courses can secure admission for a candidate but this depends on the course.
Below are the steps to take to register for IJMB and the requirement for IJMB programme.

2019/2020 IJMB Requirements 

O’level result with at least five credit passes. Students who have didn’t have credit pass in either English language and Mathematics can also apply..All they will need to do is to register for the either of the two or the two in any case.
Students with AWAITING RESULTS too can apply but their O’level must be ready before the end of the programme as it will be required in any of the Universities chosen by students.
Students will then visit any of our registration centers close to them with two passport size photographs to register. ( Registration is #8,000)

The next thing is for them to resume to any of our IJMB Study Centres chosen by the students to begin classes.

After IJMB programme then what next?

This is another question that bothers prospective IJMB students. They are confused of how to go about the direct entry admission after passing through IJMB programme.
This will help.

IJMB RESULT is released two months after IJMB EXAM which is always conducted by February every year. Students will then purchase Direct Entry Form from JAMB around April or May and fill it accordingly. The rest instructions will be dictated by the various universities the students apply to.


Helplines: 0807818791 or 08032310760.

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