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IJMB Examination Guide- Ways To Study For Long Hours And Pass IJMB Exams

These days, it is difficult for students to Study for long hours and since we are here to guide IJMB candidates, We will be showing you the step you need to take in order to be able to sustain yourself for longer hours while reading for IJMB examination.

What is IJMB: IJMB means Interim Joint Matriculation Board. It is a nine month programme that enable students to gain admission into 200lv without JAMB. Check application procedures here


Ways To Study For Long Hours And Pass IJMB Exams

1. Relax First:
Are you sitting for the upcoming IJMB examination and you find it hard to study for long hours? We have solutions for you and the first advise is for you to have excessive rest before embarking on reading for long hours. Let’s say for example, you have been in the class learning from morning until evening and the next thing you do after classes is to start reading. It doesn’t work that way. Instead, you can decide to take a nap in order to be refreshed to study for long hours.

2. Eat well:
Before going to study for long hours, it is very important for you to eat something first. Let’s us be practical. If you have a generator and you intend to switch it on, you have to make sure there is fuel and check if the oil is okay to. If there is fuel and the oil is overdue, you know the annoying sound it makes. Right? This is applicable to student. The food is like a fuel on which runs your engine (brain).

3. Create a reading map:
If you intend to study for long hours and pass IJMB exams, it is very important that you set goals for yourself. You should be able to outline the topics you wish to study throughout your study time and set a target for each of the topics. You should have it in mind that everyday comes with her own task and you need to complete that of today.

4. Choose a Niche:
It is very important for you to know the environment that works for you when you are reading. Some students prefer to go to the library, others will prefer to read in the comfort of their rooms. Again, some students read with earphones and others will prefer to be in somewhere silent. There are some students that prefer reading at night and some others wake up early in the morning. The most important thing is to discover what works best for you

5. Encourage the subject:
There’s no doubt that some subjects are extremely boring. Some of these boring courses are dreaded by the students. If you intend to make the best out of this courses, here is the advise we have for you below;
* No matter how boring a course is, there is that interesting part that is not very boring. Your responsibility is to look for that part.
* Another advise is for you to take breaks at intervals and begin the study afresh
* Relating keywords to familiar things in order to easily remember the whole definition. For example; you can remember the word “conglomerate ” by breaking it down to 1. Corn 2. Glo 3.me 4.rate. You should have already known that there’s no R in the con. It will surprise you what this technique can do.
* You can also study the course with friends by creating a group chat to discuss the subject.

6. Be Totally Engaged:
If you intend to study for long hours and pass IJMB exams, you have to make sure you are totally focused. Know why you are reading and be constantly aware that you have a target. Don’t read for one hour and play for one hour before coming back to read. If you decide to go for a break, try to remember what you have read before and work more on what you cannot remember.

7. Entertain Yourself:
If studying becomes boring or it is seeming like it’s becoming boring, all you need to do is to entertain yourself. This doesn’t mean you should start playing because you don’t want to be exhausted. Try to do the following;
* Reply your text or social media messages.
* Play your favorite song
* Watch a short video/movie
Now, you are refreshed, go back to work. This strategy is boom!

For IJMB registration and advise, kindly call any of our helplines.


08078187910 OR 08032310760

Updated: January 1, 2023 — 1:50 pm


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