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I.J.M.B fees for 2020/2021 session

​Below is the breakdown of IJMB fees for some of our Major centres. The fees vary from centre to centre. Centres or states that are not mentioned below will also fall within the range.

As the session begins, we have few study centers with the capacity of admitting fresh students in to our affiliated institutions.

Below are some of the States, locations and fees where we have available IJMB Study centres in Nigeria.

Candidates who which to study in any of the locations listed below can now apply for 2020/2021 admission session.

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The fees for each centres covers the following

  1. Tuition
  2. Accommodation and
  3. Acceptance fee.

It is worthy of note that all our available accredited centres allow students to pay in bits (payment on installment). The minimum payment accepted for a student/guardian that cannot meet up with the total payment is #100,000.

Below are the available IJMB study centres

IJMB Study Centres and School Fees 

1. Kwara state (Ilorin): #160,000 (payment on instalment allowed)

2. Abuja: Gwagwalada #180,000 and Gwarinpa #250,000 (payment on instalment allowed)

3. Lagos State: #160,000 (No accommodation. Payment on instalment allowed)

4. Oyo State, Ibadan: #160,000 (payment on instalment allowed)

5. Rivers state, Port Harcourt: (Peter Odili Road) #160,000 (payment on instalment allowed)

6. Abia state (Aba) #190,000. (payment on instalment allowed)

7. Akwa Ibom State. #180,000 (payment on instalment allowed)

8. Imo state #180,000 (Do not allow payment on instalment)

9. Anambra state #180,000 (payment on instalment allowed)

10. Delta state #160,000 (payment on instalment allowed)

Apart from the states listed above, we have registration centres in other states Where you can only Obtain IJMB form.

Payment on instalment Breakdown for IJMB Fees

IJMB Main school fees: For students who do not have the complete tuition fee, a minimum payment of #50,000 should be made on resumption.

Hostel fee: N30,000. (for hostel fee, the total amount should be paid before resumption)

Acceptance fee: 20,000.

Total: 100,000

The least payment prospective students can resume with is N100,000 before balancing up later.

It includes N50,000 for school fee, #15,000 for hostel and the N15,000.00 for acceptance.

All payments depending on your state and centre ( aside application form) is expected to be completed within four months(From March/April) of resumption. With these fees, our Centre is one of the most affordable accredited centres in Nigeria.

On arrival at any of our centres, you will meet students from Rivers, Akwa’Ibom, Benin, Plateau, Lagos, Oyo, Ondo, Ekiti, Kogi, Delta, Benue, Bayelsa, Abia, Imo, Enugu etc.

We advise our students within states close to Kwara state to consider undergoing their programme in Ilorin. One of the major reasons why we advise most of our candidates from the west to come down to Ilorin is because University of Ilorin is IJMB friendly and we have a strong hold there.

However, IJMB GUIDE have study centres around Nigeria. We have centres in Abuja for students coming from the north, We have a study Centre in Port Harcourt and Enugu also for southern and Eastern students etc. Other available states includes;

  • Oyo State
  • Lagos State
  • Ogun State
  • Edo state
  • Osun State etc

Kindly contact us for other available IJMB study centres and their school fees.

The first thing you need to do is to obtain the application form at our various registration centres 

How To Apply For IJMB Direct Entry Admission Into Nigerian Universities

IJMB application form is still on sale. For full details on how to apply click IJMB Application Form and registration details.

Helplines: 0807818791 or 08032310760.

You can also use the comment section below to make inquiries about the Programme, We will reply as soon as possible.



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  1. sorry sir/ma,i want to buy ijmb form for uni ilorin but i dnt know when wil the form be out…? and how can i get it.i stay in abuja

    1. Ijmb form is currently on sale. Unilorin do not organize the programme. They only accept it as a requirement for admission. For for info, you cab call us on 07032375931

  2. Does unizik accept IJMB,if yes,can I apply for Law or pub. Administration with the result?

  3. Sorry plz where in Ilorin do they organise ijmb program and how much?

    1. There are a number of centres in Ilorin. We can help you register with the best if not the best.

  4. Pls when will the form stop selling? I’m still waiting 4 my just concluded GCE results

    1. The form will be on till next year. Awaiting result can apply. You don’t have to wait for GCE result before applying.

  5. is brainfill academy one of your accredited centers in Lagos?

  6. can i do the programmes nxt year(2017)and get admission 2018?

    1. Yes onoja Simon. The registration is currently on and you are do your registration at any our our registration centre closer to you. For more information, call: 07032375931

  7. sir….will dis current registration meet nxt year admission

    1. Yes! It will meet next year IJMB admission. Resumption is between march/April

  8. mtchewwww. rubbish. you mean someone that is not rich cannot afford to take part in this program. this is one reason why students will rather write jamb and wait for their fates. you mean you want to help students gain admission into 200 level but still yet, see the kind of money a person has to pay. the money for some of the state’s Even more than the the school fees of many public universities.

    well,as it stands. this is another exam meant for only the financially stable people and the poor ones who cannot afford it need not even bother to think about it.

    just wanna lay my grievances #09098173912#

    1. We allow students to pay on instalment. So sorry you cannot afford it.

  9. what’s the next step if u didn’t make it at the final exam??

  10. Can unn accept the ijmb result

  11. I want to know if i start the program in march,will i gain admission in October when everyone gets admission into schools……i will be happy if you can answer me

    1. No. Your admission will be the upper year.

  12. How much is the form?

    1. The application form is 8,000

  13. Is kaduna poly an accredited center for ijmb?? Also I want to take part in the late registration this December and I am to take my final exam by February what are the chances of making it? And if the chances are good I hope the lecturers are efficient

  14. Pls are there training centres in enugu

  15. Pls can I register for Ijamb in January? Cuz am
    much interested .Were Guagualada is d center
    Located and will I still get accommodation if I
    Register in January.pls reply Thanks

    1. Yes you can still register by January. Hostel is on first come first serve basis

  16. pls I need an answer 2 my question pls
    Pls if I registered now will I be able to do exam with those who will did in Feb?
    Pls did Akunle Akungba University collect IJMB if Yes pls how many points for Law

    1. If you register now, your exam will be February 2018. Akungba accept 12points and above

  17. Pls is the form still on sale now and when is it ending

    1. The form is still on sale and will be on till next year.

  18. Please where exactly is the centre in logo state
    I have registered already…
    And when will we resume for 2017
    And please much is the fee.

    1. I mean kogi state

      1. Ijmb guide is not working with any centre in Kogi state for now.

    2. Our centre in Lagos is at Ikeja. Kindly call 07032375931 for more info

  19. On how many intallments can the school fee be paid? And where can i register in ibadan.

    1. Fees can be paid of three to four instalments. Our registration centre in U.I. kindly call us via 07032375931 for more information.

    2. Fees can be paid of three to four instalments. Our registration centre in U.I. kindly call us via 07032375931 for more info.

  20. Pls does unical accepts ijmb am for biochemistry and how many points Pls need answers

  21. Can uniport accept the IJMB result ?

  22. If I register and take my IJMB in bauchi, can I use it to obtain admission in another university different from the university I did it.

  23. Plss can I register ijmb after jamb dis year….will d form still be on?

  24. pls wen will the registration and sale of the form for 2017

    1. There’s no date for now and It is not closing anytime soon

  25. How much is dr tuition

  26. Y’ellooo,
    Please, does Unizik Awka accepts Ijmb?

  27. Helo, I Paid For The Form Fee Of #8000 and stil recieved another msg to to #8750 for reg form why was i nt told in the guildlines my no 08081822819

    1. You must have been scammed. What account did you pay into?

  28. hello sir does uniuyo accept ijmb

  29. i want to have ijmb center,what are the procedure or requirement. apata ibada city.

  30. hello sir . I want to participate in this ijmb programme but d money is some how high but notwithstanding “no pain no gain” I get to pay .I want my center to be at Lagos state .how much will it be and I don’t want to be scammed plz .when are the ijmb student resuming to university after the final exam. and does o o u accept it

    1. Our registration centre is at Ikeja. Aside accommodation, it will cost you 138,000.

  31. Does uniport accepts IJMB

  32. I wrote my ijmb exam this year and I thank God but I want to know when the result will b out

  33. Please is there a study centre in Benin nd I was told uniben doesn’t accept Ijmb… Aw true is it please

  34. Pls is there a study centre in bauchi.

  35. Does uniport accept IJMB, am applying for computer science

  36. Please is the form for this year still available ?

  37. pls sir i wan to talk to U maybe on phone or a chat in any social network.my number for whatssap is 08060583428

    1. Alright! Kindly call 07032375931 or 09098985275

  38. Sir if I complete the 2017/2018 ijmb successfully when will I enter 200L.

  39. good morning please I want to know if delsu accepts d ijmb programme

  40. I mean pls sir can I still register for IJMB for 2017/2018.com

  41. Pls I want to register ijmb 2018 when will the form b on sale and pls I want to use awaiting result to register ijmb is it possible

    1. There’s no date for now

    2. Awaiting results can apply.

  42. is there any accredited center in Edo state

  43. Pls wen is the form closing



    1. Yes, You can. Kindly call us via 07032375931 to confirm our account details before making any payment.

  45. Thus udusok accept ijmb please reply

  46. Thus udusok accept ijmb

  47. When is d closing date pls and does udusok accept ijmb

  48. Sorry
    but what if someone failed thee exam ?
    Please I need a fast reply

  49. Does lasu use ijmb and am for medicine……

  50. i stay in Akwa Ibom State but base in Oron where can i purchase the form since the registration is drawing to an end. i receive the information late

    1. Our registration centre is at Aka Road in Uyo. You can simply reach out to us by calling 07032375931.

  51. Abubakar Ali Maina

    is the programme runing and studied in fedral university gashua:…

  52. pls sir if i reg.in August 2017 can i be in 200 level by september 2018 ?
    and does AAU or FUTA accept this ijmb?
    thanks as u give me a reply

    1. The answer to your questions is Yes.

  53. will d sale of d form still be on till next year for 2017/18 session??

  54. Please is there still room for registration after July 28th 2017??

  55. Pls is d form still on

  56. Is that true that Nuhu Bamalli is the IJMB centre

  57. Obichukwu Ginika Priscilla

    Has the registration for 2020/2021 been close

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