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The List Of States We Have Accredited IJMB Centres in Nigeria -2020

IJMB centres in Nigeria 2020:

We have provided the list of IJMB centres in 2020 where IJMB prospective students can undergo their Programme without stress. Kindly check out your preferred state.

IJMB centres

2020 IJMB Centres

IJMB centres are in the major states of Nigeria. The main reason you are reading this post is probably to know the list of 2020 accredited IJMB study centres in Nigeria.

If We are not completely right about that, it means you probably want to know if there are accredited IJMB centres in your preferred state.

In this post, we intend to show you the list of states with certified IJMB centres in 2020. We are not just going to provide the state.

We will provide a link for you to read more about IJMB fees, registration centre and other relevant information you need to know.

As we already know, IJMB is a legitimate or real programme that can guarantee your admission into federal, state and private universities in Nigeria.

You can also use IJMB results to secure admission into our partnering universities outside Nigeria (Guaranteed).

However, there are many unaccredited IJMB centres in Nigeria. If you find your way to an unaccredited centre, you have missed the essence of the programme.

This is the major reason why we are here to show you the states you can undergo your IJMB programme without any fear of not seeing your result at the end of the programme.

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2020 Approved IJMB Guide Centres in Nigeria 

  • Akwa Ibom – Uyo Study Centre: Our partnering IJMB study centre in Uyo is a registered centre. All prospective IJMB students from the south can consider studying in Uyo. However, Akwa Ibom is not the only state in the south with a registered IJMB centre. Check for more details .
  • Edo State – Igueben: Just like our centre in Uyo, our study centre in Edo is fully accredited. Prospective candidates from Ondo, Kogi, Delta, Bayelsa etc can study at our IJMB centre in Edo. Check fees and other information here.
  • Enugu State – Enugu: This is one of the major IJMB centres we are currently working with in the eastern part of Nigeria. If you live in Enugu or neighboring states, you should consider studying here. Kindly check the fees and other relevant information here.
  • Kaduna State- ABU Zaria is the moderator of IJMB programme. They are in charge of accrediting major centres that other centres fall into. Check more information on ABU Website
  • Kwara State – Ilorin; Even if IJMB did not originate in Ilorin, Ilorin is still referred to as the hub of IJMB programme where you have numerous IJMB centres to choose from.

There are over 100 IJMB centres in Ilorin. This alone should scare you because there is every tendency that you will be applying with an unaccredited centre a son many of the centres are not fully accredited.

To avoid any Scam or registering with a centre that is not accredited, kindly register with us. 

For more information about accredited IJMB centres in Ilorin, click here.

  • Lagos State- ; Our Lagos centre is new. If you cannot travel to Ilorin or Ibadan centre , it a good option. You can check the fees for Lagos centre and other information here.
  • Ondo state – If you are studying here, you are assure of organized learning conditions. Required equipments are available for science students. Attention is also paid to Arts and social sciences.
  • IJMB Centres in Oyo State – Ibadan ; We have different IJMB centres in Oyo. Our partnering Study centre are located in different parts of Oyo. Read more on how to register here.
  • IJMB centres in Rivers State – Port Harcourt; we are currently partnering with four IJMB centres in Rivers. After registration, you can be assigned to any of the available centres.
  • Abuja Study Centre; We have three IJMB study centres in Abuja ( Gwagwalada, Wuse 2 and Gwarinpa). Read More Here.
  • Imo State : Our Imo Centre is the newest Centre in the list. Just like the other centres, Imo state centres are well equipped with qualified teachers.
  • Delta State

Helplines: 0807818791 or 08032310760.
Do you have questions to ask about IJMB centres ? Kindly use the comment section. We will reply you as soon as possible.



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  1. Don’t they have any center in abeokuta

    1. We have a registration centre in Abeokuta.

  2. okay what does it take to be given admin

  3. Ibrahim Maimuna Adamu

    So if I should apply in the centre in Abuja, can I get direct entry to ABU

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