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I.J.M.B timetable for 2015 /2016 session is out

This is to inform the general public that ijmb timetable for February 2016 examination is out. We advice students who have undergone the nine month programme and are registered at their various centres to sit tight as they approach their examination time. The examination will begin on Tuesday 9, 2016 with Biology IIIA and Government 2 being the first papers. 
Below is the timetable


Ijmb timetable for February 2016

For Ijmb past questions and answers, follow this link  ijmbguide.com/2015/04/28/complete-ijmb-past-questions-answers/ or call 07032375931 or 09098985275.

Updated: January 13, 2016 — 10:34 pm


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  1. is futo accredited for ijmb

  2. I want to whether u can admitted with any defiency in o level

    1. Yes. Awaiting results can apply.

  3. Does UNIBEN accept ijmb

  4. Does Nsukka accept ijmb

  5. And how many point do der accept for social science

  6. if I obtain the 2016/2017 form,wen will I gain admission to university?

    1. Your admission into 200lv will be 2017.

  7. Does unilag accept ijmb

  8. pls from which point we ar admitted to 200 level

    1. Your question is not clear. If

  9. Does unillorin accept ijmb, and how many point do der acept for social science.. Plsss how many point.

  10. Plss do der accept ijmb unillorin and how many point for social science…

    1. Unilorin accept Ijmb. Your points depends on the course you are choosing.

  11. Ok.. Am choosing BSE economics department.. Plss how many point do der need for unilorin in econmics department..

  12. Plss how many point…

  13. does Cross river state University accept ijmb

  14. Thanks for the time table

  15. Do FUPRE accept ijmb? and were is ijmb student located in delta state.

  16. After this February exam, hen is the next examination?

  17. does uniuyo accept ijmb students who registered for law

  18. 15 point insha allah

  19. pls I need d original syllabus for this year’s ijmb exam

    1. The syllabus is very important for IJMB students. Please request for a copy of the syllabus from your coordinator.

  20. pls i want to clearify something… pls after the programme, are we permitted to purchase direct entry forms from different universities??


  22. how do i get the form

    1. You can apply at our various registration centres. What state are you?

  23. Does fuoye accept ijmb

  24. Can I use GCE to register for ijmb?
    And does University of Ibadan accept ijmbe?

    1. You can use GCE. UNIBADAN does not accept Ijmb into 200level

  25. Pls Is ijmb programme availabe in ogun state?

    1. We have ijmb registration Centre in Abeokuta.

  26. Please my jamb yesterday which was suppose to be on Saturday was so bad due to my exam centre issue which i cannot be saying now; a friend told me about ijmb and i want to know about it and how the exam looks like, is it like waec or jamb. thank you

    1. IJMB is neither like WAEC nor JAMB.

  27. How much is the form pls!!!! And the tuition?

    1. Tuition 90,000 Accommodation 25,000 Acceptance 15,000. Form 8,000. This is for our Ilorin study Centre.

      1. Gud pm sir pls when will the sale of ijmb form 4 2016 start

  28. does ur choice of university depend on your ijmb center

  29. After payment of the form will thre b post utme exam or will just resume to the school at Ilorin?

    1. That depends on the Centre. For ours, There is no exam.

  30. Pls what of ABU zaria how much is their tuition fee and other fees for the ijmb programme???

  31. what about dat of port harcourt center(form $ tuition)

  32. does uniosun accept ijmb

      1. When is results for 2016 coming out

        1. It should be out this month.

  33. plz does unizik accept ijmb as full time

  34. Does funnab accepts ijmb ….nd do u av any study centre in abeokuta

    1. FUNNAB accepts IJMB. We are not working with any centre in Abeokuta for now.

  35. Does lasu accepts ijmb

  36. I’m wting 4 my result now in kano state

  37. Please is the form still on sale?

  38. Is the registration still on?

  39. pls when will 2015-16 result come out because jamb DE is already out

    1. It should be out this month.

  40. Pls If unibadan does not accept ijmb into 200 level, does it mean that they accept into 100 level?

    1. For now UNIBADAN does not accept IJMB.

  41. does futa accept ijmb

  42. Please when will the resul be out and how many points does unilorin require for law?

  43. Pls does unizik accepts ijmb

  44. please when will ijmb release the February exam results

  45. The results should be out this month.

  46. Does UNIBEN accept IJMB? How many points must I can to enter medicine 200 level?

  47. Pls I want to know when the form will close and I am based in lagos. is there a centre in lagos, if there is how much will it cost me and where? Does that mean I have to write a jamb for direct entry and also my gce result is at one sitting and I did it 2008, is it still useful? again, does the payment cover the entire 9months?

  48. Plss wen is ijmb result coming out… Is it april… Bcz D.E form is on sale… Plss wen? Plsss

  49. Plss wen is ijmb result coming out… Is it (May)… Bcz D.E form is on sale… Plss wen? Plsss

  50. Plsss is d result coming out on May or dis month

  51. Which day in this month will it be released

  52. Hello, can you pls answer my question

    1. We apologize for the late reply. The form is still on sale and we have registration centres in Lagos. Your result is still valid.

  53. Plss wen is d result coming out…

  54. Bcz D.E form is still on sale… We are still waitin…

  55. PlSs wen is ijmb result coming out plsss, plsss answer our questions plsss… Plss wen ?

  56. Olanrewaju samuel

    How many years will it take to finish the programme and please give me the list of the universities accepting IJMB

    1. The programme takes less than a year.

  57. Wen is coming out

  58. Please… Is 2015/2016 ijmb result out?

  59. Those aau accept ijmb

  60. I had the results where postponed till first week of June….

  61. when is 2016/2017 session starting?

    1. Classes have started but registration is still on going.

  62. I don’t know why dis year ijmb result is been delayed… I don’t know wat going on… Today its 83 days of finishing our exams, and I saw on ijmb website dat it is gaurranted in 90days.. We are still waiting…

  63. Lats year exams it not delayed lyk dis, but dis year our own is delayed… Oh God

    1. All is well. The results will be out soon.

  64. Okkk.. No problem.. May God help us, we are still waitin… Tnx 4 d reply

    1. Welcome Amar. We wish you success.

  65. Sir can we buy direct entry form from our preferred university now that the form is out?. Even when our result is not yet out

    1. Yes but it is advisable you wait since it Will not expire before the result is out.

  66. D.E form will be closed by 1st of july.. And I think Ijmb result will be coming out nextweek, bcz on wednesday it will be 90days.. U can still buy ur D.E inside june… Just be calm

  67. Oh God, know ASSU strike, plss will did strike affect our result… ? Plss will it plss answer me plss I beg u

  68. Wwhat is wrong with our result please?

    1. The results will be out tomorrow. You should be able to get from your study centres next week.

  69. Yah dats true… Alhadulilah… By GOd grace we will all pass… Ameen

  70. does the result truly been released?

  71. pls he many point are required for nursing in ABU.

  72. pls hw many points are required 4 nursing in ABU

  73. How many point did u hv?

  74. Will ijmb result expire pls

  75. How many point did u hv @kasim

  76. I have 15 points will i be given mbbs in ABU Zaria?

  77. Alhamdulilah U pple shold congratulate me oo.. I got 11 point…

  78. Alhadulillah, u pple shold congratulate me, I got 11 point

  79. Hope bowen university also accept IJMB???

  80. Plss I got 11point and I apply 4 economics in ABU zaria, plss will I get admission, bcz I got B in economics.. Plss will I be given admsn

    1. You have made a good point. It’s very possible you will be given admission.

  81. Plsss answer me plss I beg u

  82. Tnx alot 4 d reply, but does ABU zaria conduct any Post D.E exams? Or is only through screening of credentials? Plss

  83. Does uniben collect ijmb accounting


  85. If one resumes ijmb lectures around july, cn he meet up?

    1. Pls i nid reply. If one resumes ijmb program around july can he meet up?

      1. Yes. It depends on the individual.

  86. 1. where are your study or registration centres in any of southeastern states.
    2. Does UNIZIK and UNN accept IJMB for either law or pub. Admin. Thanks for your response

  87. which month is for ijmb to start and how is the price of fee please

    1. You question is not very clear

  88. my waec result was cancelled and i have registered for ijmb, are my going to still take the final exam and get admitted into university and stay der and clear my papers or are my going to be send out because of d result? pls its urgent

    1. You won’t be sent out. What you will have to do is to enrol for another O/L exam before the next admission into the university of your choice.

  89. I applied for ijmb but when the admission was out I saw my name in the remedial list not ijmb list, why

    1. Please, be sure you registered with us.

  90. Does fupre accept ijmb

  91. If I apply for ijmb 2017/2018.when will I get admission for 200l

  92. Plss what schools collects Ijmb result because I want to register for 2017/2018 session

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