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I.J.M.B centre Edo: IJMB centre in Edo now open


In this post, we will be giving answers to the following questions;

  1. Is there I.J.M.B Centre in Edo state
  2. Where can I register for I.J.M.B programme in Edo state.
  3. Edo I.J.M.B centre (what you should know)
  4. Universities that accept IJMB In Edo and south-south.

To begin, IJMB centre is now in Edo state. This is to say that our IJMB Centre in Edo state, Benin city is now open for students to register. This is a perfect answer to ​many students who have always ask to know if there is IJMB centre in Edo state. Now that you know that we have IJMB centre in Edo state, we want to be clear on what the centre is meant for. 

We want to us this medium to inform you that the centre we have in Edo state is majorly for students who want to apply for IJMB programme. This means that our IJMB centre in Edo state is mainly for registration. However, We are currently making plans to make sure there’s a study centre in Edo state so that prospective IJMB students in Edo state can register and study in Edo state without having to travel to other states like our Port Harcourt, Lagos, Ibadan, Akwa Ibom etc students are enjoying.

We advice that you register through IJMB Guide because it will save you a lot of stress and money. This is because You might have read other articles about IJMB before reading this or you might want to read another. The danger of not registering with us vary. It is either you are registered under centres that are not accredited, which might result to receiving lectures that are not related to the syllabus of that year or you might just make payment into a particular account for the form and that will be the end (you will be defrauded online). Cases of students not registered for IJMB exam have been reoccurring for some time also and you won’t want to be that student all because you made a mistake from the beginning. These situations will end up wasting the candidate time, energy and financial resources. Do not be deceived please.

In the past University of Benin accepted IJMB Programme. But for a while now we have advice our students against choosing UNIBEN as their preferred choich. However,  We also advise students from Edo state who wish to choose UNIBEN by all means to make proper inquiry from university of Benin admission office before choosing the university for IJMB admission. This is because in recent time, UNIBEN have adopted their own programme.

Prospective students might want to known universities that accepts IJMB in Edo state and south-south as a whole. Below are some universities that accepts IJMB as a requirement for admission into 200lv without JAMB.



Apart from the universities listed above, it is worthy of note that all known private universities in the south accept IJMB programme as a requirement for admission.

To get IJMB form is very simple. All you need to do is to visit our registration centres in Benin city.

Note: IJMB FORM IS 8,000. School fees vary from one study centre to another.

Address: 255 upper sakponba road beside Ogunbor Group of school.

For related information kindly use the comment box and get replies asap.

You can also call us via:

08078187910 OR 08032310760



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  1. Please, I want to know specifically the IJMB study centres in Benin City to enable me make a choice for my son

    1. Call 08078187910 for direction and guideline

    2. Call this number for direction 08078187910

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