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How to add and delete courses- for university of Ibadan(ui) undergraduate

The university of Ibadan Add & Delete course registration Form will be out soon and believe it or not, it is like or should I say it is a life saver for university of Ibadan students. 
Over the years, majority of U.I students  (mostly freshers) have in one way or the other encountered problems choosing courses. The introduction of course advisors have been less effective as some students realize sooner or later that the proposed courses do not go well with them.

Add & Delete form is meant to add or delete first or second semester courses. For avoidance of doubt, no student shall be allowed to add/delete courses in respect of those in which examinations have taken place

The add and delete form is meant for the following set of students.

  • For students who choose more than their required units and feel the load is too much.

  • For students who are unable to meet up with the minimum number of units required by their department. I.e The student might have carried a course or more in first semester. 

Adding or deleting a course is not as stressful as most people believe it to be, this is mostly true when you know the right steps to follow. I remember then in 100lv second semester when I had to replace a course. The process was so smooth that I wondered why others complained of the stress. Below are the steps I followed. You can follow the lead too.

How to Obtain add and delete form- procedures;

The form which is usually out around 2nd-3rd week of the second semester resumption can be obtained only at theAcademic Data Processing Unit (A.D.P.U).The building is between CBN lecture theater and Computer science department.

The process is as follow;

  1. 1. Obtain the form at A.D.P.U. The form is free. The form is usually in five (5) copies stapled together. You will have to buy carbon paper, place it at the back of each form as the signatures and writings on the first page must reflect or be duplicated on the remaining four forms. Better still, if you want to do it my way, you can photocopy the original into four places to save you the stress of using carbon paper.
  2. 2. Attach a passport photograph on each form. I.e you will be needing five (5) passport photo.
  3. 3. Fill the courses you wish to add or/and delete (course code and title). Don’t forget to indicate at the front of each courses if you are adding or deleting.
  4. 4. If you are copying my method of photocopying the original into four places, you will need to Submit just the original copy to the department you intend to add or delete from for authorization (signature). Otherwise, you can submit the five copies with carbon papers attached.
  5. 5. Obtain the signature of your Head of Department (H.O.D), Faculty Officer and Dean or sub dean of your faculty on the form.
  6. 6. Submit the original of the signed form to A.D.P.U. submit one of the photocopies at your departmental general office, submit another at your faculty, then, keep the remaining two for personal reference.

That’s all it take to add and delete a course. 

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  1. Thanks sir, does it mean it is not possible to delete a course one has written it’s exam?

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