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Breakdown Of IJMB Programme Tuition Fees for 2023/2024 session

*IJMB Main school fees: N90,000 (Ninety Thousand Naira) only.
(for students who do not have the complete fee, A minimum payment of 45,000 should be made on resumption)

*Hostel fee: N25,000. (for hostel fee, a minimum of 15,000 should be paid on resumption)

*Acceptance fee: 15,000.

*Form fee N8,000

The least payment propective students can resume with is N75,000 before balancing up later.

It includes N45,000 for school fee, #15,000 for hostel and the N15,000.00 for acceptance

All payments (130,000 aside application form) is expected to be completed within three months of resumption. With these fees , our Centre is regarded as one of the most affordable Centres in Nigeria.

On arrival, you will meet students from Rivers, Akwa’Ibom, Benin, Plateau, Lagos, Oyo, Ondo, Ekiti, Kogi, Delta, Benue, Bayelsa, Abia, Imo, Enugu etc.

So students do come far and near. This is education, no where is too far. Some students do travel outside the country to have standard education, why won’t you in Nigeria travel anywhere within Nigeria to have your dream comes true?

We hate it when students say Ilorin or Kwara is too far, what if you gain admission into Unilorin, will it be too far too?. Apart from ilorin, we have study centres in Abuja for students coming from the north, we have a study Centre in Port Harcourt also for southern and Eastern students.

The first thing you need to do is to obtain the application form at our various registration centres

How To Apply For IJMB Direct Entry Admission Into Nigerian Universities

Hurry!!! the application form is still on sale, for full details on how to apply click IJMB Application Form and registration details.

You can also use the comment section below to make inquiries about the Programme, We will reply as soon as possible.


08078187910 OR 08032310760

Updated: January 1, 2023 — 1:03 pm


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  1. Please are we to undergo any exams after registration because I am seeing acceptance fee there and if yes when is it coming up also the school exams is it only after the intensive 9 months program we are to write it?

    1. Those that registered on 2015 when are they resuming

  2. There’s no exam after registration. Examination will be conducted at the end of the programme



  4. pls i need info.when is d form clossing?

    1. There’s no date for now.

  5. Hmmm why do ijmb accept huge amount

  6. pls if am doin my yr 1 in unilag can i as well do the ijmb programme

  7. when will lecture start in fut minna i jst registered in a cybercafe today what am i to do nxt

  8. pls what is the sum total of money to pay for this programm..bcuz m seeing 168k..and i also saw 108k…?

    1. Please read the information contained in the post above.

  9. is the hostel compulsory?

    1. Pls i would like to know when registration for ijmb 2016/2017 will start and end and i would also like to know the location of Ilorin centre

      1. Ijmb registration is currently on going. Our centre is at sawmill

  10. Please how does this program look like? Where is the program Centre and will our university of choice consider us for sure. I mean Universities like uniilorin.

    1. We have study centres in Abuja, Port Harcourt and ilorin

  11. Please,is this program run by Jamb?

  12. please where is the ijmb registration centre in Abuja.

    1. Our registration and study Centre is at Gwarinpa

  13. Is the hostel fee compulsory..

  14. Please, i want to find out about anambra study centre and also about the cost of studying there. I will appreciate a quick response.

  15. Pls wat is d minimum point for nursing in uniosun

  16. I’m from Gombe may i study ijmb in unilori and get admssn

  17. I would like to obtain the form. Please help send a detailed guideline of application to my email. I am in Delta State and would also like to know list of universities in Nigeria that accept IJMB in their Law departments. Thanks

  18. Is the hostel fee compulsory..

    1. Pls where can i locate a centre in Edo state?

      1. For now, we are not working with any study centre in Edo but we have a registration centre in Edo.

  19. when is d next resumption date for 2016/2017

    1. The current students will start their exams by February. Lectures for incoming students will be March /April

      1. Pls how can I obtain the form ?am in lekki lagos,…

        1. We have registration Centre @Ojota and unilag.

          1. Which part of UNILAG your centre is located?

          2. Laiza Cafe opp faculty of education, UNILAG.

          3. Is ijmb form still available? 2016/2017,I am in Lagos,do you have accommodation for Lagos center?

  20. is direct entry compulsory after riting dis ijamb exam into uniabu.

    1. After the examination, you will need to obtain direct entry form.

  21. Is the form still available and if yes, when will it close

      1. Is the form still available and where can I obtain the form… Pls reply me with my email

  22. is there study centre in Ibadan?.

  23. Whre is the study centre at ibadan and is accomodation available?

    1. Our Ibadan study Centre is at Gbagi. We have hostels for incoming students.

  24. Ive already applied but someone told me d resumption is february,is it true

  25. pls what are the details that will be sent to my email after the registration and how do i know the registration was successful

  26. is it through incoming students are resuming on the 8th of February

    1. That’s not true for our students.

  27. when is d resumption date for 2016/17 students??

  28. is form still on sale? and I also want to knowhow possible it will getting into school late this year(november/deember ) for uniilorin

    1. The form is still on sale. Your admission will be next year.

  29. Are to write post ume again y going 4 direct entry nd is there center in abokute

  30. is d hostel fee nd text books fee compulsory?

  31. pls re der any study center at Enugu state?

    1. For now, we don’t have a Centre in Enugu. Maybe in the nearest future.

  32. can i get your contact details please, am quite keen in starting this programme

  33. pls is it the same amount for every course and can i put the university of my choice?

    1. Amount vary. 70% of Nigerian Universities accept Ijmb


  35. Pls Is There Any Study Center In Portharcourt And How Can I Register

    1. Yes precious. We have registration centres at choba, University of Port Harcourt.

  36. i am an art student and want to do a course in edu or philodophy am i gyd to go and does fulafia acpt ijmb result

  37. is there study centre in uyo

  38. I learn that closing date is on 29 Feb. Can I go ahead n register on d 29th?

    1. That information is wrong. Please ignore.

  39. I’m really interested in IJMB programme,, just want to know after I’ve done the bank payment, what next.. I just need the step by step guide.. And when will learning start for 2016/2017 session. . .

    1. You do not really need to make payment into any account. We have registration centres in different states where you can register. Please contact any of the numbers above for any information.

  40. Pls is there study center at Ekiti State?

    1. For now, we are not working with any Centre in Ekiti state.

  41. Is there any study centre in Edo and Ondo State.

  42. Please oo IJMB is d #hostel compuslry cuz i have a home at Ilorin

  43. when will the form close?

  44. please is there any study center in abia state?

  45. Hi, please are there any IJMB centres in lagos state because i would like to check it out

    1. Yes in computer village ikeja

  46. plz, sir, is there any centre in jigawa?

    1. There is no closing date for now.

  47. is it a must to pay hostel fee?

  48. Pls is there any center in osun state and can I still register

  49. pls can I still apply for D Ijmb programme tumao I.e 18th of dis month,and how can I get form and where the study centre is in ilorin.pls reply via my email address

  50. Please is it beneficiary to o’level holders

  51. Is there Ijmb study centre in Edo state?

  52. ijmbdirect; are there not studeis center in zaria and jos? also ,need to know if 2016 waec result can optain form and gain admission.

  53. amain this yr waec result,also studies center withing jos, zaria, keffi nasarawa state


  55. pls is there study center in asada

  56. on uniosun website i saw supplememtary admission for ijmb want to ask whats the relation of that to yours

  57. Please when is the form closing and is there any centre in kano?

    1. There is no closing date for now.

  58. Pls when are you going to release the 2016 result ???

    1. It should be out by April ending or first week of April.

  59. am currently in yenagoa how will I get the form

  60. Is registration still on? If yes, when will it close?

    1. Registration is still on. There is no closing date for now.

  61. add me on whatsapp for ijmbe official group


  63. Dammy what’s up, yes you can still apply Cos there is know closing date for the main time.if you are looking for center then u need not worry…where I need my at ilorin is very good and they thought us well,for further info call me 08183307590

  64. Hello please can I still apply for the form now

    1. We have registration centres in different states where you can apply. Please contact us via our number above for enquiries

  65. what is d new IJMB fees

    1. Tuition 90,000
      Accommodation 25,000
      Acceptance 15,000

  66. please is IJMB registration still on? how do I locate the centres in Lagos. Thanks

    1. The registration is still on motunrayo. Our registration centre is at Ojota. Please call the number above for direction

  67. Is registration still possible

  68. I want to get direct entry to uniben while I study in lag, is it possible?I will appreciate a quick reply.

  69. Please do you people have study center in Anambra? if yes wia and hw much is the total expenses for the Ijmb in Anambra tanx

    1. For now, we do not have a study centre in Anambra. However, students from Anambra can study at our centre in Port Harcourt.

  70. Pls…where is the study centre in delta state?

  71. Is there study centre in Bauchi state?

  72. Pls were is de center in lokoja located

  73. any STUDY CENTRE in lagos,if yes,how much is it?

    1. We have a study centre in Lagos and the tuition is 160,000

  74. Hello. Please I don’t really understand. When they say universities admitting with Ijmb does that mean you can do the ijmb program in that school or that you have to have done it before you can be admitted into the school?.

    1. It depends. It is not all schools that accepts IJMB that also offer the programme. You will need to undergo the programme before applying in such a case.

  75. pls where can i get the registration form am in plateau state

  76. please I want to know if I’ll take any exams after paying d registration fees,and is there any requirements to be admitted..like requirements for studying a particular course

    1. There’s no entrance examination.

  77. Pls is the form still out??

  78. I’m known as Yusuf Sa’adan who re-side in saya zaria road plateau state Jos.
    Please who so ever here about BAUCHI STATE IJMB FORM is on sale please He /She shoul inform me through 09086024171 Or 08189479144 Thank You all……..

  79. Where is the centre re-side in plateau state?

  80. please when is d form date going to be closed??i need to convince my parents to pay,and when will the students be admitted??? pls reply

  81. is the registration still on???

  82. please, will the ijmb registration terminate before admission lists of universities are out?

  83. Pls what’s the actual total fee, 130/160?? I’m confused

    1. The fee depends on the study centre you choose.

  84. pls is the hostel fee compulsory

    1. Accommodation is not compulsory.

  85. Pls I need an answer….if I apply 4 IJMBuniosun dis year 2016/2017 academical session,will I be privilege to gain admission into 200l for 2017/2018 academical session

  86. How do I make payments for d ijmb program….will I pay into an account or wat?….am confused..

    1. You are to make payment at your study centre. Please call 07032375931 for more information.

  87. Is the hostel fee compulsory

    1. No Shade. It is not compulsory.

  88. Do I go to the study center of the school I choose

    1. Yes shade. However, this depends on whether the centre is still available or not. So, you have to register earlier to get the centre you want.

  89. can one who just wants to write the exam pay only the exam fee,if yes,how much is the exam fee

  90. When is the resumption date for 2017/18

  91. if I register nw wen will I resume lecture

    1. You will resume lectures by April 3rd.

  92. What is the duration for this ijmb?

  93. How long is the duration for the ijmb programme?

  94. after accomplish ijmb program, am I going to pay any fresher fee(tutuition fee) / normal semester fee in d various university choose?

  95. I have paid d form fee into d scl acc this december …BT I just want to knw d duration it will take me to pay d main tuition fee is when I resume by March or earlier than that n do I get to pay at once

    1. You will pay when you resume

  96. I am interested for my daughter please all details are paramount for me for 2017/18.is the form available? When are the meant to resume? Please is there a number to reach for clarified details? I will appreciate

    1. Ijmb form for 2017/2018 is currently on going. You can reach us through 07032375931 or 09098975275

  97. Can I go from my home to school instead of the hostel . and can a married pregnant woman pertake in d program?

  98. Please were in delta is your center at? And when will the form close this year

  99. pls my questions are:
    1) do they serve after d program (NYSC)
    2) how many years if studying economics (edu)
    3) how many times are we going to pay the total amount of 100k +. is it per year, semester or section.
    …Emmanuel from Uniosun axis …….

    1. 1. Yes
      2. Ijmb is a 9-11 month programme.
      3. Just once

  100. i’m in port harcourt and want to register. can i know when registration starts and where to register in port harcourt? and do you have study centres here and do you offer mining engineering? how much will it cost in total? PLEASE REPLY MY EMAIL

  101. What is the name of your centre and it location

    1. What state are you talking about Opeyemi

  102. Pls where is Ur center located in Abuja am mercy

    1. We have a centre at Gwarinpa and another at Gwagwalada. The difference between the two is the location and fees

  103. Pls is there evening lecture for ijmb nd can married woman do the course, and can I come for lecture everyday because I can stay in school

    1. There are no evening Lectures. A married woman can apply for part time programme.

  104. please when is Ijmb result 2016/2017 going to be out

  105. and if I paid DAT 130,000 they is not need to u paid any money again

    1. That amount covers everything. I.e your school fees, accommodation and acceptance fees.

  106. II want to write NECO can I still register after that

  107. Pls I don’t understand this fees oo the ones am seeing are 168,000 naw this one is 138,000…shey it depends on the state or wat

    1. It depends on the state and the centre you are registering with.

  108. I am interested in this programme.where is the registeration center in nasarawa state pls i want to know

  109. Henry Ayuba Makaranta

    Please sir if you have finished the registration wen are you going to start attending lectures or is it immediatly after registration?

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